Even a blind squirrel: John Dvorak finally gets something right about Apple

“I try to avoid reading John Dvorak, because I am the moth to his flame just as he plays the fly to Apple’s ointment. Further, what I write in response to his sticky linkbait is nearly as predictable as what Dvorak writes about any subject, and I don’t like to be predictable. However, Dvorak finally got something right in writing about Apple, and that is indeed noteworthy,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“While Dvorak did get something right in his recent post speculating about why Apple’s stock was down, the article in general was by no means a chockablock with intelligent commentary. He began by writing, ‘For the first time in recent memory, Apple Inc.’s stock declined after Macworld,’ which is true only if you suffered an amnesia that blocked out any recollection of four of the last seven years: 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005,” Dilger writes.

“However, Dvorak next revealed a brilliant observation that cut his fellow Naysaying Enthusiasts to the bone. They’ve been insisting for years that Apple needs to be more like Microsoft–even while also warning us that Apple has already become too much like Microsoft–by rolling out optimistic roadmaps well out into the future and encouraging its employees to yammer in their blogs about whatever pops into their heads concerning the possible, unofficial future of their company,” Dilger writes.

Dilger writes, “Yet here is Dvorak with an earth-shattering epiphany: ‘Now I can understand,’ he wrote, ‘why Apple is so secretive about upcoming products and announcements. The more people know what is coming, the less the impact for its products.’ Oh no, Dvorak discovered the secret handshake!”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. DUH 101 ! Yes Apple is secrative about their products but the drop in stock goes beyond this. Dvorik was quite right about MacWorld as much as I hate to say it and that is why the stock tanked. Simply put the MBA analysts on the street do not see any major new products coming from Apple this year and in an age of instant gratification takes too long Apple stock sank. However some smart analysts have stated that Apple stock is a buy and I agree 100%..don’t discount Steve Jobs and what they can and will do in the coming years. Remember it took Microsoft 5 years and billions of dollars for Vista and now they said that Windows 7 is put off till 2011. By then we will probably see at least 3-4 major OSX versions not to mention a whole range of new products that will continue to define Apple as an innovator.

  2. sheesh i could write better…i cant believe this dork is still employed…as many facts as he gets wrong im amazed that he is taken seriously by anyone…i for one could care less what spews from his mouth.

  3. I like Dvorak. Granted you need to take him with a grain of salt, he’s always entertaining and brings an original (not always logical) opinion to the table. He’s not a big fan of Macs, though.

  4. @what -“sheesh i could write better…”
    At least he knows how to capitalize words, knows how to write a sentence and end it properly with a period and he seems to use proper punctuation when he writes.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. @ ?what?

    Are you the same jerk who ALWAYS appears hear to make some disparaging remark about Dilger and RDM?

    If you could write better, then why don’t you? Post a link to your material and let us be the judge? I dare you…

    Just like your complaints about inaccuracy on RDM, there is no substance to you, so just bury yourself in your virus ridden Windows software why don’t you…

  6. What exactly was leaked before the last MacWorld?
    Everything I read people were expecting something vastly different than what Steve tossed out.

    Nothing Steve presented was spectacular, new or great in the lines of an iPod or iPhone intro.
    And it does not appear that there will be anything new coming from Apple in the foreseeable future.

  7. Nothing reveals the collective mind of MDN and all their followers around here than the entirely predictible vitriol that erupts when Dvorak is having fun with ’em.

    I wish he would do it more often because reading the resulting posts is a great study in moronic behavior.

  8. Ok, the punctuation Nazi’s are out in full swing. I write without capitalization and punctuation because I like to; but, if you insist, you whinny little girls, I will punctuate my sentences so your sensitive eyes aren’t damaged. As for Dilger and RDM, I have no idea who or what those things are. As for Macaday, I am currently writing this on my Powerbook G4 17″ that is operating just fine thank you. And, if you are trying to flame me for bashing a crappy writer then go for it! I could care less. Dvorak never gets his facts straight and that is what I said to begin with; so, flame away you basement dwellers!!

  9. @?what?

    Oh, so you are not going to give us examples of your superior writing then.. thought so.

    Why would you write: “i cant believe this dork is still employed…as many facts as he gets wrong im amazed that he is taken seriously by anyone’ if you don’t know who or what he is???

    Substance you are not. Dvorak you may be… in which case we know already you can’t write!

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