Germany’s T-Mobile activates 70,000 Apple iPhone customers in first 11 weeks

“German telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom said on Saturday it had signed up 70,000 iPhone customers in the 11 weeks since November 9, 2007,” Nikola Rotscheroth reports for Reuters.

“Deutsche Telekom’s mobile telephony arm T-Mobile is the exclusive seller of U.S. Apple Inc’s iPhone,” Rotscheroth reports.

“‘The iPhone is by far the most sold multimedia device in T-Mobile’s portfolio,’ the head of T-Mobile Germany, Philipp Humm, said in an interview,” Rotscheroth reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gavin” for the heads up.]


  1. At the current exchange rate, the iPhone in Germany costs $587 including tax. Recently Apple has started adjusting their retail prices to reflect the weak dollar, so we should (hopefully) start seeing lower Euro prices here soon.

  2. I notice that T-Mobile is calling the iPhone a “multimedia device” rather than a “smartphone”. Do they not use that term in Germany, or does T-Mobile not consider the iPhone “smart”?

  3. That’s over 300,000 a year for Germany. Not too shabby.

    Remember that the iPod’s success was driven by widespread availability. If the iPhone is available throughout Europe, they could easy sell 4M a year.

    This is just early days. Consider that Apple sell 50M iPods a year now. The iPhone could easily follow the same path.

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