Dvorak: Apple’s MacBook Air unlikely to be much of a success

Apple’s MacBook Air is “a 3-pound ultralight computer that’s gorgeous but not competitive,” John C. Dvorak for MarketWatch.

“The trend in laptops that overrides all other trends is the basic landscape change, where powerful portables are used instead of desktop machines in both homes and offices,” Dvorak explains. “This only works when the laptop has as much or more capability than a desktop. The MacBook Air does not.”

“While light and cool-looking, the machine suffers from lack of connectivity and the ability for expansion. It doesn’t have a PC Card slot and sports but a single USB connector. The batteries cannot be removed or swapped out, and the machine is just underpowered,” Dvorak bloviates.

Dvorak concludes, “There are a lot of flaws with the MacBook Air, and it is unlikely to be much of a success.”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.

MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed. In fact, our iCal has its very own Dvorak calendar: “Bloated Gas Bag” in a lovely shade of brown. It gets a lot of use. So, Apple should be very happy, with Dvorak weighing in (and, boy, does he weigh in), MacBook Air is virtually certain to become a wild success! Now, what was that we wrote on Tuesday? Oh, right: “Those who critique MacBook Air as if it’s designed to serve the entire portable market are fools.”


  1. I was recently informed that Dvorak suffers from Torsonic Polarity Syndrome, an affliction when there are buttocks where the head should be. There is also shit where the brain should be.

    I think most of us are smart enough to know that Dvorak write articles about Apple just to get a rise out of all of us and nothing more. He probably secretly loves the Air and covets one. So why bother with his royal fsckheadedness?

  2. The problem with those kind of writers is that they think everybody thinks geeky…. get over yourselves.
    I never click on a link that leads to give them more hits. thanks to MDN ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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