Apple’s iPod Touch $20 update turns best media player into even better handheld computer than before

“The iPod touch January ’08 update is a bargain for $20, as it turns the nation’s best music and video player into an even better handheld computer than before,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine.

“Your Jackson buys you five new applications and a lot of ancillary features. What’s most worth paying for are the new Mail, Maps, and home screen features. Those three upgrades will change the way you’ll look at your iPod Touch. I think they tip the balance from an iPod which also happens to have a Web browser on board, into a real handheld Web device that also happens to be an iPod,” Segan reports.

Segan looks at:
• Customizable Home screen
• Mail: POP or IMAP
• Maps with location awareness via Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Corinne” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m questionning the purpose of the iPod Touch, and also the iPod line, now that we have the iPhone…

    I mean, why buying a Touch and a separate cell phone when you can have them all together in one with the iPhone?

    I’m looking for some rational answers.

  2. @ Mac+

    Not everybody wants cell phone combined with “whatever”. I love the iPhone, setup a few for my customers but I like a very small flip phone that clips to my belt and doesn’t make me look like I’m out of Star Trek.

    Short term, I also live out away from the city and Verizon currently has the best coverage in this area. Once AT&T;gets better coverage or the iPhone is available to Verizon then I will re-evaluate phones.

    I also want a very small iPod when I work out. The iPhone is too big and heavy for that.

    That’s why Apple sells a variety of items.

  3. Mac+

    I was thinking about dumping verizon and going with att and the iPhone but after setting up my brothers email on the iTouch I realized a separate small appliance plus my current cellphone would take care of my needs for less money.

  4. Mac+ the reason I bought an iPod Touch and not an iPhone is because I really enjoy my cell phone service and I’ve used AT&T;in the past and did not like them. I also don’t carry my cell phone with me half the time, but I need something that will connect me to the internet sometimes so that I can check my e-mail.

    Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is great, but when I go away for the weekend, I don’t want to be bothered so not having a cell phone on me at all times is a plus. This is not a reason for everyone, but I’d thought I give my two cents.

  5. the touch seems to be the device of the future. double the screen size, install a wireless receiver and offer an unlimited data anywhere plan for $25 a month, and you’d have yourself a home run of a device.

  6. They have to put a HD on the Touch. I’m pretty sure 16GB isn’t going to be enough for all the music, games, videos and all the apps we’re going to put on them. That’s the only thing that keeps me from buying one now. Add a 160GB HD and watch it fly off the shelves…

  7. It’s interesting how much flak Apple got for charging $20 for this update. I think the article makes it clear that you get a lot of value of the $20.

    I think the outrage mostly came because the iTouch people had to pay $20 and the iPhone people got their update (a totally different update) for free. I’ve strenuously argued that people have to understand the accounting requirements before they can criticize Apple on this point. However, I was surprised that Apple didn’t opt to use the same accounting procedure for the iTouch (deferred revenue) that they did for the iPhone. As this article makes clear, the iTouch, like the iPhone, is capable of many significant software upgrades. The accounting laws will require Apple to charge for all new improvements to the ITouch whether they want to or not.

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