Report: O2 sells 190,000 Apple iPhones in UK in first 8 weeks

The Financial TImes is reporting that “people familiar with the situation” told them that O2’s total Apple iPhone sales in the UK for the first eight weeks was about 190,000. That’s an average of 3,400 UK iPhone sales per day over the first 8 weeks.

O2 said shortly before the iPhone’s UK launch that it expected handset sales of 200,000 in the first two months.

O2 declined to comment on the sales figures but said it was “delighted with the response to the iPhone, which has seen unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction,” FT reported.

The Apple iPhone was O2’s fastest-selling handset “by a significant margin,” according to the report.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dirty Pierre le Punk” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Today is Martin Luther King Day, a U.S. federal holiday. The markets are closed today in the U.S. Many people in the U.S. have the day off. Consequently we expect news to be light, although we do hope to bring you Apple-related news throughout the day.


  1. Another federal holiday, taken by those who feed at the public trough. Small businesses cannot afford to take this day off. They can’t just tax people more to pay for their excesses, like all of government.. On a happier note: more people will be shopping today for iPhones on their lazy day off.

  2. So, if this is true, that O2 sold 190k, and that Orange sold 170k, then that would put European sales at about 500k+, assuming that Germany was slightly less than France and the UK. I’m only saying that because the German launch seemed a little less enthusiastic, then again, it’s Germany!

    If 500k+ is close to right, then 4M iPhones sold, means that about 2+M iPhones were sold in the US, last quarter. This is roughly what I expected, about a double from the prior quarter. Remember, the prior quarter Apple sold 1.1M iPhones. Given that it was the Xmas quarter and if iPhones followed the iPod’s Xmas double pattern, then we could expect about 2M iPhones sold, and that seems to be what we have.

    This should be good news that iPhone sales patterns are following the iPod’s, though I’m sure the market will interpret european sales as being disappointing, and I’m sure Scott Moritz of the Street will say the market was expecting 1M european iPhone sales, which of course, is just a number he pulled out of his butt, just like the US iPhone launch when he said the market was expecting 1M on the first weekend.

  3. ron,

    I came into work today, even though most people and public trough leeches are at home watching Oprah. Last Friday the IT guys networked the copier on the second floor to our network of Vista machines and I couldn’t stay away. I had to check it out. I used to have an HP connected to a parallel port on my XP Dell, but the new Vista machines don’t have parallel ports. Such is the price of progress.

    The unbelievable thing is you can share a printer on a network in Vista! I bet chairs are flying in Cupertino on this news. If Apple is around in 10 years maybe MACs can get on an office network. I already printed a new sign for the breakroom that says “Your mother doesn’t work here so clean up after yourselves” on the network printer. How cool is that, MAC sheep?

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. @Ron
    Sounds like you think that all federal workers are useless hogs that suck on the public teat and contribute nothing to society.

    Yes there are some but most do not. Do soldiers get the day off in the US?

  5. @ZT….my my my…more vitriole against federal workers. Do you think that these workers went and forced the government to give them this day off so they can watch Oprah?

    Cripes almighty…..

  6. @Ron….
    I am sorry you feel that teachers are feeding off the public trough, or that Marten Luther King Jr. does not deserve the respect that other national holidays bring. I am glad you look at it in a positive way. When I have a holiday, I tend to spend a little more. I also support our small businesses. I am not anti-wally. I tend to look for quality and spend a little more for it. Besides, smaller businesses tend to have a little thing called “service”. The only large company I find an “exception to the rule” is Apple. Great products! Great support! You get what you pay for!

  7. Buster,

    That is EXACTLY what I <strike>think</strike> know. Us Windows enthusiasts have a keen eye on conspiracies and a better sense and contempt of who’s trying to stick it to us than anyone. Sadly you MAC lemmings lack this enviable quality and fawn and fall for all of Apple’s deception, lies and marketing shenanigans to buy toy computers without two button mice. Don’t be so gullible, MAC dorks. Besides, MLK’s courage and eloquent exposure of inequalities where all men are created equal is a scam so fat Americans can watch more daytime TV. Can I have a day off for Steve Ballmer’s birthday? A very special Judge Judy will be airing that day.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  8. Oh, and willyboy, don’t get me started on teachers. At our school district the MACs were thoughtfully and rightfully replaced with beautiful Dells. Oddly enough the teachers became attached to their MACs and many were very disappointed that they had to use Dells with the superior Windows OS. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.

    So teachers are crybabies and leeches too. 8 hours a day with a classroom full of our children is a minimum wage babysitting job at best. Back me up on this, ron!

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  9. Here in the UK it’s noticeable that competitors say things like “it’s not a good phone” and “it doesn’t have a keyboard” etc.

    When I point out that it’s the FIRST AND ONLY phone with an interface that I can be bothered with, they go very quiet.

    However, still waiting for my contract to run out before I can play with one!

  10. zunewank. So teachers are crybabies and leeches too. 8 hours a day with a classroom full of our children is a minimum wage babysitting job at best. Back me up on this, ron!

    You’re a fool zt. Though when I count the staff cars in a nearby grade school there are over 60! There are less than 600 pupils. What are all these people doing? I never had a class with less than 35 kids in it. We all learned to spell and count etc.

    Mac is.

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