Apple iPhone triggers three-fold increase in O2 store visitors

“Apple’s iPhone has lived up to expectations as the most-talked about handset ever released, with O2 revealing that its successful bid to sell the device exclusively in the UK had triggered a three-fold increase in the number of people visiting its stores over the past two months,” Nic Fildes reports for The Independent.

“The iconic mobile phone has generated substantial interest among O2 consumers. Just having the device on the shelves has tempted three times as many customers into its 450 stores in the UK than in the same period a year earlier, said a company spokesman,” Fildes reports.

“Even though many of those customers may have decided against spending £269 to buy the handset, some may have been tempted to replace their phone with a newer model anyway after seeing the functionality of Apple’s handset,” Fildes reports. “Customers that at least flirted with the idea of buying an iPhone and subscribing to a £35-a-month contract are likely to be high-spending contract customers, a key target market for mobile phone companies looking to whittle down the number of low-paying prepay customers they support.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Nick L.” for the heads up.]


  1. The really fascinating thing about the iPhone is that a device that costs so much and does so precious little, is still such a monumental joy to use.

    The simplest most rational abilities are absent from the phone. I mean if someone e-mails you a photo, there’s no way to get it out of the freaking e-mail and into your photos folder. I mean comeon!

    The fact that every stupid update wipes out your ringtones is looney.

    You can’t play flash movies, or mpeg movies. You can’t mount it and use it as storage.


    And after months and months of tinkering, what does Apple give us?

    Jiggly icons. I mean what does that say about what Apple thinks of iPhone users.

    Give them jiggly icons. That’s what they want.

    And to show just how stupid they really think we are, they added a function to let us know where we are. They should call it, “You are here moron.”

    This list goes on and on and I get more and more annoyed and yet the UI is so bloody wonderful that I still smile when I use it.

    Just goes to show you. Most phones are soooooo bad, that Apple can give us a phone that is nothing more than easy to use and we will flock to it.

    Well at least they’ve shaken things up in a complacent industry, yet again.

  2. theloniousMac writes, “It’s funny because these [television] programs all tend to show the iPhone doing things that it cannot do”. It’s not just the iPhone that’s given fantasy capabilities. Ever watch the TV series “24”? Does anyone know of *any* PDA or phone that does what Bauer’s can do?

  3. I am a bit puzzled about the lack of Cut and Paste to date. I wouldn’t think that that would be prohibitively difficult to implement. Anyone have a technical reason why Apple hasn’t made this a function in iPhones yet?

  4. O2 would do a lot better if they actually tired selling the iPhone to people who come thro the door. In my experience they don’t seem to bother to try.

    The UK is also spec obsessive over usability. The advertising sucks and needs to address this face on. Visual voice mail would be a good start.

    Better the iPhone in your hand than the brick in your pocket!

  5. I’m bored of the iPhone! For the love of God! America is so easily pleased! You kiss-arse shareholders should wake up and smell your own bullshit! The iPhone has failed to sell in the UK fact!!!!! I love Apple for all the right reasons… great OS… on fabulous desktops and laptops that makes my life a joy! But the iPhone is not the answer… its a nice toy for a few die-hards and should be applauded for its beauty! But as an every day phone… for the majority of everyday users… its way too slippy!!! Europe and more importantly Asia are light years ahead in this arena… not only in affordable, non-breakable handsets… but especially when it comes to rich content on mobiles… subscription for music IS the future… get used to it… and admit that the good old US of A need to catch up!

  6. to bobchr: << how would you do it??? anyone??anyone??>> I’d suggest copy ala Newton. 1 1/2 tap and hold, then drag across the section to be copied. Drag to the edge of the screen and “park” it. Select the destination and drag the copy to its intended spot. Finished. Copy & Paste !

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