Cringely: Apple taking methodical steps in plan to establish global media dominance

Apple’s new MacBook Air “is a cool product with a bad name, though I guess it worked well for Michael Jordan, so what the heck. It is very doubtful that Apple will sell a million Airs in the next year. It is doubtful Apple will sell even half a million Airs and Steve Jobs knows this. What’s important here is not the subnotebook computer but the bits of it that will likely make their way into much more interesting Apple products to come,” Robert X. Cringely writes for PBS.

“Take that specially packaged Intel CPU, how did that come about? Steve Jobs didn’t beat the heck out of Intel CEO Paul Otellini to get a little CPU that would go into fewer than half a million boxes. Steve did what he always does. He beat the heck out of Paul Otellini with the promise that this little CPU — for which we can expect Apple will hold some exclusive for the next six months — will end up in millions and millions of Apple products, nearly all of them costing a lot less than a MacBook Air,” Cringely writes.

“Apple is very important to Intel. Though nobody says it out loud, Apple is the last of the major computer companies that uses 100 percent Intel processors. And Apple’s ability to do more with less has to be a continual inspiration to its competitors. As Apple slides further and further into the consumer electronics and networking markets, Intel will be right there, too. I still expect we’ll see an Apple tablet this year, for example, and it will use this same Intel CPU,” Cringely writes.

Cringely also foresees Apple eventually creating “the Apple TV Nano, which is an Apple TV built into a CableCard. This is technically feasible right now and 18 months from now it will be a no-brainer. The big HDTV vendors would jump on that one like crazy since it would drive CableCard-equipped HDTV sales, which have been less than stellar.”

Cringely writes that Job’s Macworld Expo announcements were “just another step in a very measured plan to establish global media dominance for Apple and probably for Google, too. But it’s a plan that requires patience, which the press can’t — or doesn’t want to — understand. So it is up to us as individuals to decide whether this is good or bad.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mtnmnn” for the heads up.]


  1. Hmm. Sounds right. MacWorlds come around once a year. The products arrive when they are ready. El Jobso will never just reveal “the plan.” We are left to “read between the lines.” It is more fun that way anyway.

  2. Very often, on the pages of MDN, we collectively pan Mr. Cringely for his myopic views on one thing Apple or another. It is thoroughly refreshing to see such an astute, articulate, intelligent and right-on-the-money observation come out of Cringely’s Dell (or is it Toshiba?).

    If it is indeed true that Intel dedicated money and man power to develop this chip at specific Apple’s request, then Mr. Cringely is absolutely right that MBA is just a foot in the door. While I’m not as skeptical as Mr. Cringely about the sales numbers for it (I keep saying this: women will love it and buy it in droves), the chip definitely has a different destiny slated for it. Apple has a clear roadmap straight into living rooms (and family rooms) of the world. And they’re taking Intel along for the ride.

    What a refreshing change for Intel – be on the bleeding edge of innovation again!

  3. Cringley sez:

    “Apple is the last of the major computer companies that uses 100 percent Intel processors. “

    That’s not even accurate. A *very* short while ago, they used none at all, and even today they use ARM as well as intel processors.

    How he can spin that into the implication that Apple is *exclusively* in the intel camp and always has been kind of boggles the mind.

  4. Greta product, great name, great company, great CEO… I think SJ knows how to run Apple a lot better than any of us… People are never satisfied, it’s amazing…. Look at what Apple gives us compared to the rest of the tech world and get some perspective people. Invest long term and enjoy the products Apple makes…

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