RUMOR: AT&T to debut Apple iPhone corporate and business accounts on January 21

“Thanks to one of our tipsters, we just got news that AT&T will be announcing iPhone compatibility to corporate and business accounts on January, 21st,” reports The Boy Genius Report.

“The best part? If you have a corporate discounts, they are still valid! There’s said to be special iPhone data plans of $25 or higher that the business customer must subscribe to,” TBGR reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. So, corporate discounts do not apply to iPhone users? I currently am getting an AT&T;corporate discount, and I’m about to purchase an iPhone.

    I was hoping for a 16GB option at MacWorld. *sigh* Hopefully it isn’t too far off.

  2. wait special $25 a month data plans?

    WTF!!! if you read the fine print right now for the iPhone, and it is indeed in there you can use ANY existing AT&T;plan provided you do two things.

    1) sign a new two year contract for that plan
    2) sign up for the $20 a month data rate plan, note you may be able to lower your bill a bit as you sign up for this because of overlaping features.

    Why are business customers getting screwed?

  3. @peragrin what makes you think business customers are getting screwed? As they are more likely to tax the network with much heavier data usage their usage will more likely be cheaper and those cost are a tax write off for a business, not so for private customer that can only deduct the portion of their usage used for business that has not been reimbursed.

  4. I just want to stream the internet off my iPhone to my non glossy MacBook Air.

    Because I can’t see the tiny iPhone screen and keep hitting links by accident.

    Will anyone think of us old rich Apple fans and their needs?




  5. OMG!! You poor iPhone users will actually have do work on your phones now.

    Apple will sell more of them, Windows Mobile will diminish and disappear.

    Cats and dogs will be living together.


    Microshaft. “Our passion is in your penetration; your body, your computer system and your life.

  6. Ah – can’t wait to hear the crap excuse the IT department at Raytheon comes up once this comes out…add this with the IBM notice of Lotus Notes support (ya, Club Ray uses that old crap too) – and the walls keep coming down.

    Of course, the soon-to-be-memo from Raytheon IT will be “not approved for corporate use…blah blah blah. Face it, this is coming and you can do nothing to stop it!

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