Mossberg’s early impression of Apple’s new MacBook Air: ‘Very attractive product’

From Macworld Expo 2008 today in San Francisco, The Wall Street Journal’s Personal Technology columnist Walter S. Mossberg discussed his early impressions (he hasn’t yet tested it for review) of the ultra-thin Macbook Air with WSJ’s Stacey Delo:

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Apple’s MacBook Air guided tour (7:26):

Direct link via YouTube:

See Apple’s new MacBook Air here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Citymark” for the heads up.]


  1. MacBook Air, she’s pretty and petite, but she won’t be attending MIT.

    Can’t replace the battery at home or on the road, can’t add or replace RAM at your convenience, just ONE USB port, no FireWire port, no Ethernet port, miniature 80GB HD.

    Let’s call her the MacBook HotAir. Thanks fer nothing, Apple.

  2. I think i can speak for everyone…this thing looks great…but i really still want a better MBP. gimme multigesture on an MBP please!!

    P.S. i would also settle for a regular macbook in aluminum….

  3. Yes, all the complainers about this new notebook are failing to see that it’s designed for a very specific target audience. It’s not meant to be a complete standalone laptop. It’s meant to supplement another computer, and this one you take along to meetings, travelling, and so on. It’s designed for a specific type of usage. The MacBook Pro will be upgraded within 6 months and incorporate some of the design philosophies introduced in the Air, while hanging onto the wider array of featured expected in a full-featured laptop. The Air is “sub-” notebook.

  4. The Macbook Air ships with 2GB RAM standard, out of the box…so why is not being able to access the RAM slots supposedly a downside? You can’t put more than 2GB of RAM in a regular Macbook either, and those only ship with 1GB standard.

  5. Since when can you not access the internet with a USB connection? I think Walt “misspoke” when he said it only had one way to get online.

    I just love watching a reporter interview a reporter about something they have not even touched.

    I know, it is just first impressions, and I do like Walt, but why the cheesy interview format? You get so much more info when a person can speak rather than inform through conversation.

  6. people aren’t getting that this isn’t a “supplemental computer” like some windows CE device, it’s the shape of things to come. In the near future where all your peripherals are wireless, all synching is wireless, hard drives and printers are plugged into your router or just wirelessly talk directly to each other, this is what your computer will look like. No optical drive, no ethernet, 1 USB port, and no need for anything more.

    Seriously, some of the people commenting on the Air sound exactly like the people who just couldn’t wrap their heads around a computer without a floppy drive in 1997. “No floppy drive? How is this iMac thing supposed to be useful?”

  7. coolfactor:

    The only demographic that wants a device with only one USB port, a miniscule hard drive, and no user access to the battery are folks with more money than common sense. Anyone sporting this cute little thing will immediately be recognized as a sucker.


    Because few people want to pay Apple’s exorbitant prices for RAM and would rather install their own at much less cost.

  8. agentzero:

    When the day comes when wireless services can be found worldwide and all peripheral devices are wireless, I’ll be sure to circle that date on my calendar and crack a cold one. Also, when that day arrives MacBook Air will be a fond but distant memory.

    I do believe that Apple has reinvented the Newton.

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