Hands-on with Apple’s MacBook Air (with video)

At Macworld Conference & Expo 2008, Wired’s Jose Fermoso checks out Apple’s new, ultra-thin, ultra-light MacBook Ai:

Direct link via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTcTQsKyrdU

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. First impression, no one is using it on the table!

    They are all holding them on one hand whilst operating it with the other!!

    A new way of using a Macbook?

    Not your laps, not on your table, not on your nelly, but just on one hand!!!

  2. I love the design and form factor for the MacBook Air, but it not something I’ll be buying at this time. For what I do, I need firewire ports, and the MacBook Pro is the future machine for me. I do understand the Air’s advantages for a certain segment of the computer using public. I just don’t think everyone out there is going to grab them up willy-nilly. That wasn’t it’s intent, I believe. I do have to agree with PC Mag’s quote about it selling very well.

  3. Whats a Nelly?
    Not on your Nelly!!

    Could it be a Belly??
    Sonds a bit Helly!!

    What of a Deli???
    Only if it is Jelly!!!

    And if it is Jelly….
    Could it be a Jelly Belly???

    If ass be a Nelly…
    That could be Smelly!!!

    But if it be Welly,
    It could be Kelly!!!

    All I know is that it is not on your Nelly…
    For that could be Telling!!!!!

    Bow left…..Bow right……Bow to the center soaking up the applause!!!!

  4. Re Nelly — Dame Nelly Melba was an early C20 power diva. “I am Melba” explained any demand she made. One singer tried to share applause on stage, but… “No one takes a bow with Melba.”

    In other words, MDNers, it means “No way Jose!”

    ps. Just luuuurve MBA — trying to think of an excuse to buy. Any excuse…

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