Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ Macworld Expo ad slams Microsoft: Happy New Year! (with video)

Apple Online StoreApple today aired a special “Get a Mac” ad to start CEO Steve Job’s Macworld Expo keynote address. The ad probably is meant only for Macworld Expo audiences (a la Will Ferrell’s “I’m a porn actor” Mac “Switch” ad from yesteryear).

Why not air it on TV? Because Apple probably feels that it’s a bit too strong and more than a little too much for Windows sufferers to take right now.

In the ad, PC, played by John Hodgman, is upset about Microsoft’s Windows Vista (“That didn’t work very well…”) and to make his “terrible year” complete, Apple’s performance in 2007: iMac, Mac OS X Leopard, new iPods, iPhone, etc.

For 2008, however, PC plans on having a banner year, “2008 is going to be the year of the PC!”

Mac, played by Justin Long, tells PC, “That’s a great attitude, PC. Whatddya got planned?” PC’s plan for 2008, of course, is to execute page one out of Microsoft’s one-page playbook: copy everything Apple did in 2007!

Apple’s “Happy New Year” Get a Mac ad:

Direct link via YouTube:


  1. Actually, upon reflection, the best thing Steve showed us was Time Capsule. Now, before you go nuts about the wonders of a rather useless buy very thin laptop and some goodies for phone and tunes player, hear me out.

    A full featured Extreme base station & big or bigger hard drive in the same neat, wireless white enclosure is a nice compliment for the Mac, for Leopard, and the overall elegant Mac experience.

    So, at least something worthy of the occasion. Ad is cute too.

  2. OOOOF. The TRUTH hurts! I LOVE it!

    Best Thing… absolutely. Time Capsule is one of those near-invisible things that could change the way people work.

    Too bad I just bought a new LaCie RAID drive for Time Machine… I’m lying. I could see using the Time Capsule as a house-wide media server/backup.

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