Apple posts Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo 2008 keynote address QuickTime video

Apple has posted Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo 2008 keynote address online.

Watch Jobs unveil Apple’s latest innovations at the Macworld 2008 Conference in San Francisco, California, exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

The video (1:28:35) is here.


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    Well, you might agree with the other dipshit, but that doesn’t make either one of you right.

    Obama is the safe corporate pick on the Democrat’s side. He’s about as anti-American as Ward Cleaver.

    Now, he might be anti-dipshit, so I’d watch out if I were you.

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  3. I enjoyed all of the show, right up to the point where Mumbles the Clown threw water on it using confetti derived from typical bullshit.

    How environmentally friendly….waste not, want not. And as my grandson would say, “I not want that waste”.

    I think I will order an TV in a couple of weeks.

    And then a Time capsule a few weeks later. Wish it did music. That’s crazy that I would need it sitting right next to my Express.

    Come on, Steve. Cut down on the plastic and power needed to do two things that one unit can do. I could then put the Express in the bedroom on my Wave Radio.

  4. Very well said. On target all around – from Steve’s lackluster announcements to his introduction of a Marxist piano player.

    This justice though: Newman’s shrinking with age – becoming one of those ‘short people’.

  5. I am disappointed with the MacBook Air.

    I was hoping for a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, but not this!

    I am at a loss who the target market for the MacBook Air is anyway.

    I was going to watch the keynote, but I will play Halo instead.

    And enough with the Bakla Obama ads already!

    Those of you who speak Tagalog know what “bakla” means!

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