Apple posts Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo 2008 keynote address QuickTime video

Apple has posted Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo 2008 keynote address online.

Watch Jobs unveil Apple’s latest innovations at the Macworld 2008 Conference in San Francisco, California, exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

The video (1:28:35) is here.


  1. Geez watching Steve vs Ballmer or Gates is like night and day. Steve is a great speaker and can really pull the audience attention and the way he controls his inflections during his speeches is unrivaled.

    Listening to Gates is like watching someone reading a teleprompter. It makes you even wonder if the guy really believes what he says.

    Listening to Ballmer makes you want to take a shower for 3 hours, because you feel dirty all over. Feels like you’ve been had by a used car salesman from the outskirts of a small town in the middle of a desert.

  2. Jesus, I talked to speed freaks who are easier to understand than Randy Newman. They ramble on less too.

    Entertaining and what we all (outside of the US) think anyway, but in a kind of cringeworthy, did-Steve-actually-approve-this? kinda way.

  3. I lost a lot of respect for Apple after hearing Randy Newman’s remarks at the end of the keynote. Why Apple would allow such political commentary is beyond belief. As a stockholder I find it hard to understand how Steve Jobs would allow such comments, which alienates half of their customers (and should sicken even those the other half). Again, I lost much respect for Apple today, plus, the keynote was the worst in years.

  4. Steve also said Time Machine, so big deal! LOL. He’s not a robot and he doesn’t read off cue cards like some of these Windows DOLTS who insist that innovation and Microsoft go hand in hand. What has Bill Gates or Ballmer lately? Oh yeah, Vista, wait actually making sure they create products to continue and feed that monopoly engine.

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