Banc of America, RBC Capital raise Apple Inc. estimates on massive holiday Mac sales

Banc of America has raised earnings and revenue forecasts for Apple Inc., “citing particular strength in CPU sales after the introduction of the Leopard operating system,” Tomi Kilgore reports for Thomson Financial News.

“Analyst Scott Craig lifted his fiscal first-quarter earnings forecast to $1.60 a share from $1.52 a share, and his revenue estimate to $9.6 billion from $9.3 billion,” Kilgore reports. “Craig’s fiscal 2008 earnings projection was raised to $5.04 a share from $4.87 and his revenue outlook was lifted to $31.7 billion from $30.7 billion.

“He reiterated his buy rating and $200 price target,” Kilgore reports. “‘While none of our names are immune from economic changes, we believe that Apple is less likely to be impacted by such changes due to the company’s unique and diversified business model, loyal customer base and market share gains,’ Craig said in a research note.”

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Notable Calls reports, “RBC Capital notes fresh data from RBC’s Technology Adoption Panel (4,600 respondents) and store checks suggests Apple saw massive Mac sales in the holiday quarter (Q1/08 end Dec, reporting Jan 22), despite concerns over consumer holiday spending growth. Firm estimates 2.5M Mac were shipped Q1 (2.4M prior), up 14% Q/Q and 54% Y/Y, breaking the record 2.2M Q4.”

RBC Capital has upped the estimates for Apple Inc., to F08 $32.8B and $5.11 EPS ($32.7B and $5.08 prior). F09 ests becomes $40.6B and $6.23 EPS ($40.4B and $6.19 prior), Notable Calls reports. The firm has reiterated their “Outperform” raitng with a $215 target.

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple (AAPL) iss currently trading up $4.95, or 2.7%, at $177.64 per share.


  1. Those emotional sellers who dumped their lame investments should instead buy AAPL when they decide to reinvest. Those who own MSFT should sell and buy AAPL, especially. The bandwagon is passing those buy…jump on while you still can.
    The iPhone in Japan and China will dramatically change the volume numbers and make the UK numbers look sick. Australia will have surprising numbers when it finally arrives there.

  2. Boy it sure feels good to see someone give credit the loyalty factor of Apple’s clients. I for one am fed up with hearing about us being fanatics, fanboys, etc. etc. as if being totally thrilled with a company for consistently providing OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, is something to be ashamed of.

    Rock on !

    I needed to get that off my chest ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. “…massive holiday MAC sales”?

    Fine. Instead of 2.5% market share maybe we’ll make it 2.501% market share. I’ll give them that for now, but I expect that number to fall back to 2.5% when the poor suckers realize MACs don’t play games and they return them. Nice try, Apple.

    You can get 6 or 7 Zunes for the cost of a MAC.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. I can hardly believe my eyes that so many retail investors were panicked out of their AAPL holdings by the machinations of the stock market manipulating Wall Street crooks who repeatedly play the whipsaw game of screwing them out of their holdings at low prices, so that the manipulators can get in at those low prices. I never even contemplated selling my shares, because I can not predict the short term rigged behavior of the market.

    But the long term for AAPL is so bright, that it is hard to see how I can fail to get much richer in a just a few years. My only sadness is that, being retired and having bet the farm on AAPL, I have no more large source of money to buy on the latest ridiculous dip engineered by the Wall Street crooks.

  5. Feed the trool not

    aapl is a highly volatile stock and has been for years. This is a good thing cos the stock goes up a lot but it also will go down steeply too. Overall the trend is up and the futrue seems bright.

    If you’ve got extra cash buy in at the lows.

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