Apple debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad: ‘Time Machine’ (with video)

Apple today posted the company’s latest ad in their “Get a Mac” campaign to their home page and also to their “Get a Mac” ads section.

The new ad, “Time Machine” features the familiar “Mac and “PC” characters, Justin Long and John Hodgman, respectively. In the ad, PC is confronted with the fact that Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard has the intuitive, elegant backup solution, that stays out of the user’s way and just works, “Time Machine,” and (as usual) PC doesn’t.

Direct link via YouTube:

See the new ad in various sizes and higher quality via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Too Hot!” for the heads up.]


  1. I liked it.

    But, is it me, or are the commercials not being shown on TV as much as in the past? I haven’t seen the last few on tv. Or, I am just not watching the shows that Apple is placing them on.

  2. They won’t fully understand it, but it’s intriguing. Might make people do a search for Time Machine– then watch the video demo. That has some wow factor for the uninitiated.

  3. Visually it’s great, but the “automatic” side of Time Machine could be better explained. I’d have PC claim “Oh, it’s hard to set up and use, isn’t it,” and Mac would say, “It’s totally easy. It just works. You don’t have to do anything.”

    Also, since most people need backups not because they deleted something, but because they screwed up the current file, something that shows that would have been better. Like Mac saying, “That was in the original draft of the letter. I’ll just go back in time and get it.” And he walks down the line and gets the letter from his old self!

  4. Apple is weeding out customers through a sort of corporate natural selection. Anyone who can’t understand this will simple grunt, scratch, and go back to forwarding irritating emails from their AOL accounts.

    God love ’em, it’s better to keep them off Apple help lines.

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