Cringely: Why Apple will buy Adobe

Apple Store Canada“Steve Jobs has his Macworld keynote address coming and will no doubt deliver to us a few of the products we’ve all been predicting, presented with a level of showmanship simply not seen elsewhere in the industry. But my job this week is to look beyond products, to take a step back and give a long view of where Apple is headed. And the centerpiece of this analysis is my conclusion that Apple will inevitably buy Adobe Systems,” Robert X. Cringely writes for PBS.

“Folks a lot smarter than I have wondered over the years about potential Apple mergers and acquisitions driven by Steve’s bloodlust. Apple-Disney, Apple-Google, Apple-TiVo, even Apple-Sun come to mind, but the only one that makes any sense to me at all is Apple-Adobe,” Cringely writes.

“If such an acquisition were to take place it would have to be in 2008 while Avid and Microsoft still present credible competition to keep the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission from opposing such a merger. It would go easier, too, on W’s watch. I knew he was good for something,” Cringely writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve long hoped that Apple would buy Adobe and, since we love the ruthless Steve, begin phasing out Windows versions of applications a la Shake. At the very least, Mac users would get much more timely updates from Apple than from Adobe. That interminable wait for a Universal Photoshop really soured us on Adobe.


  1. I REALLY hope this happens. Photoshop could be much improved, and Adobe doesn’t seem to want to do it. Dump the legacy Windows support, or at least bring the Mac version of it to XCode.

  2. It’s funny how MDN refers to him self in plural. I wonder if Smigel is behind MDN? Or maybe it’s Gollum.

    In any case Adobe’s 65% business is Windows. Why would anybody want to kill 65% on any venture? I personally think Apple already has Adobe’s customers as far as creatives. So how would this benefit Apple?

    Competition good, monopoly, not good.

  3. A few years back, Apple acquired E-magic (formerly C-Lab) with its Logic software. As soon as this happened, they announced that there will be no more Windows versions.

    Apple can still acquire Adobe with a partial stock deal. They may not want to cease development of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and such right away. However, pushing Mac versions on the front burner and discontinuing Windows-only products would make an expected end result. It is likely, though, that Premiere would be killed, as Final Cut would have preference. Just like GoLive died its inevitable death when Adobe bought MacroMedia.

    I doubt that Apple would want to burn through all of its $15B stash on just Adobe, as significant as it may be. There is no major motivation for Apple to reign in Adobe. With Mac share climbing, Adobe will only be improving its Mac offerings.

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