Apple’s new Mac Pro creating space in product line for mid-range Mac tower?

Apple’s new Mac Pro offers “an incredible level of power in the default configuration. What was considered the ultimate high end only a generation ago is now standard across the line. Apple’s decision to offer 8 core as standard on its pro machines was certainly an interesting move,” Thomas Fitzgerald blogs.

Fitzgerald writes, “The decision to go all 8 core across the line (apart from a build to order option to ”downgrade’ to a quad core”) leaves a significant gap between Apple’s consumer and semipro iMacs. Previously there was a pretty consistent ramp up in terms of power across Apple’s product line, starting with the mac mini all the way up to the top end mac pro, but now there is a huge performance jump from the top end iMac to the entry level Mac Pro. The reason I think this is significant, is because it now leaves room in Apple’s line up for the much sought after mythical mid range tower.”

“A smaller, Mac Pro like enclosure with a core 2 duo chip, or even a dual core xeon, would slot in nicely between the high end iMac and the entry level Mac Pro, and I think this may well just happen, perhaps not at next weeks Expo, but maybe at some stage this year,” Fitzgerald writes.

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  1. nope, never, if anything apple are moving towards single purpose consumer devises and pro machines seperate. macpro is always as powerful as apple can make it, why is it anything different this time?

  2. There already was a “significant gap” before this Mac Pro upgrade. I think Apple wants customers looking “mid-range” to buy a Mac with a built-in display. I don’t think anything has changed which makes it more likely Apple will introduce a “mid-range Mac tower.”

    The thing that may motivate Apple to introduce such a model are the so-called “enterprise” customers, if Apple decides it’s time to actively pursue that market.

  3. Apple seems to like having a small, simple number of offerings. I doubt they’ll offer a computer in a box other than the iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro. But…maybe they’ll stuff a quad into the Mac mini…and of course offer a frying pan accessory so you can cook your breakfast while you make a Final Cut Pro movie.

  4. As soon as I saw the new towers, I thought the same thing. Sure, there was a gap before between the iMac and the Mac Pro, but now that gap is HUGE. This new machine is really overkill for anyone but high-end professionals running enormous hardware and software setups.
    A Mac Pro Demi would be really nice—two PCI slots, two hard drive bays, four memory slots, one optical drive bay.
    It would also be nice have one or two more hi-end video card options with the iMac. Can’t they squeeze that NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT in the iMac—they’ve already developed the drivers!

  5. MacDailyNews should know better than to fuel useless, and done-to-death, speculation regarding a midrange Mac. Apparently this unoriginal article which brings nothing new to the table earns enough credibility just by mentioning the word Apple.

    Come on, MDN. Will you link EVERY rumor? Especially one as oft-appearing as the mythical midrange Mac. Most of us are sick of it and would rather read about every possible business deal involving iTunes and some record company/movie studio/network.

  6. The obvoius name for such a mac would be ” Mac “, wouldn´t it ?
    This should be a nice lineup :

    iPhone mini

    Mac mini
    Macbook Pro
    Mac Pro

    I´d sure want one. My budget simply can´t handle a Mac Pro…

  7. My trusty iMac handles most things I chuck at it including Photoshop files of 100mb-plus without too much strain.

    Video-editing’s OK too, though uptake from the HD-cam can be a bit on the slow side. I guess if I had cgi renders and the like to worry about, I’d go for a new Pro model.

    The above meaning that I’m not at all sure whether there’s any point in a mid-range model.

  8. PLEASE Apple! PLEASE!

    A Half MacPro.

    Same processor and graphics as the full-tilt MacPro.

    Half the slots, half the drive bays. Half the RAM slots.
    Most importantly… HALF the SIZE! The MacPro is a BEAST.

    These would SELL. graphics, CAD, 3D. And a reasonable machine for the switcher market. Don’t underestimate the appeal of a machine like that for them!

    It’s an embarrassment to have to recommend a Mac mini as the only headless Mac that won’t break the bank or take up every cubic inch under a desk.

    C’mon Apple, we’re waiting….

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