Apple fans eagerly await Steve Jobs’ Macworld Expo keynote address next Tuesday

Apple Store Online“As one of Silicon Valley’s most innovative companies, Apple has created a virtual industry around making consumers guess what its next move will be,” John Boudreau reports for The Mercury News.

“Fans of Apple products follow, praise and criticize the company the way they would a local sports team. Part of the build-up is Apple’s knack for keeping secret its direction,” Boudreau reports.

“The suspense ends Tuesday morning when Apple chief executive Steve Jobs takes to the stage at the 24th Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco to unveil his company’s latest gadgets and gee-whiz announcements,” Boudreau reports. “‘The real holiday season starts,’ joked Michael Gartenberg, a vice president and research director for Jupiter Research.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not a joke, John.

Boudreau continues, “Some 50,000 attendees are expected fill up the Moscone Center – 10,000 more than last year. It’s the greatest PR show on earth as 800 members of the media are on hand to witness the next great small thing from Apple.”

“The buzz among analysts and bloggers is that Apple will offer up an ultra-light laptop – some have dubbed it MacBook Mini – announce a new iTunes movie rental service and commit to Sony’s Blu-ray high-definition video standard for future computers,” Boudreau reports.

“Jobs could prove predictors wrong when he lifts the black blanket from the Cupertino company’s next-generation products. ‘Everything that has been rumored we believe has been built and tested,’ said Richard Doherty, an analyst with the Envisioneering Group. ‘He’s already got too many products. He’ll be the arbiter for what makes it onto the stage with him. I don’t think HP has that luxury. Dell doesn’t have that luxury,'” Boudreau reports.

Boudreau looks at what Jobs might announce next week, including:
• Ultra-light, ultra-thin Mac portable
• MacBook and MacBook Pro upgrades
• iTunes movie rentals
• Apple and Sony team up on Blu-ray

Boudreau reports, “Macworld isn’t the company’s only launchpad for new products. Apple maximizes its ability to garner media buzz by holding product events throughout the year. ‘January is the first shot of the year,’ Gartenberg said. ‘It’s never the last word we hear from Apple.'”

More details in the full article here.


  1. Since MacPro got one of those ‘now faster than ever’ tweaks a few days ago all that’s left is short term gadgets, toys and hobbies.

    But, Steve will have the crowd believing their lives will never be the same after exiting stage right. And the huckstering wins another round of mindless cheers from the mindless hordes… zzzzzzzzzz

  2. MACworld has already been overshadowed by Bill Gates’ keynote at CES, CES itself and the massive critical and sales success of Microsoft’s Zune 2 this past holiday quarter. Consumers and analysts are still riding high after the energy and excitement of CES and I would expect the ‘CES bounce’ to continue weeks past MACworld. Jobs has his work cut out for him. Too bad it’s too late to reschedule MACworld.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. iSecond that, iSteve!

    Yeah, a NEW line of monitors is LONG overdue. HDMI & FireWire 800 ports, built-in iSight, faster refresh rates, etc., etc.

    Unfortunately, the standalone iSight is extinct. Too bad, the selection of webcams on the market and with Mac support and well designed, is so pathetic. Oh well…

    Maybe we’ll see the Mac mini/TV hybrid with HDMI & FireWire ports, too. Wasn’t LAST year the Year of HD? Or was that 2006?

    MacBook and MacBook Pro speedbumps in February, I bet.

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