Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ Macworld keynote leaked?

Apple Store Online“A Macworld wouldn’t be a Macworld without a supposed leak of the keynote speech, and this year is no exception. Cropping up in, of all places, Wikipedia is what’s supposed to be a rough outline of a draft of Steve Jobs’ speech,” Technovia reports.

“None of [this leaked keynote speech outline] sounds too off the wall, although that’s no guarantee that it’s real. What’s interesting is that it includes the Mac Pro refresh that happened this week, so – if it’s real – it’s obviously a quite old draft,” Technovia reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gman” for the heads up.]

Potential Spoiler Alert: The purported leaked Steve Jobs’ 2008 Macworld Expo keynote outline is here.


  1. This gotta be a fake one. I mean, there’s no excitement what so ever, nothing sexy there… Guys, this year Macworld will show the unexpected. Rentals, ultra-slim-portable-mac and news on SDK are pretty much obvious. But there’s something else.

  2. As Steve has said before, “isn’t it funny how sometimes ships leak from the top?”.

    He knows all too well how this game is played, and part of his appeal is his stealthy ability to consistently surprise and amaze. A consummate magician he is.

    Stay tuned for the real keynote to see the real magic happen then, not before. Enjoy the show! (and the show stoppers. . .)

  3. Don’t bother reading this. It’s gibberish. Total dreck. I don’t for a moment believe this is the real thing. Read it carefully and you won’t see the voice of Steve Jobs in the writing. Not by a long shot.

    It’s proof positive that anybody can post total garbage on Wikipedia. As much as I like Wikipedia, the lack of verification of content like this is pretty amazing.

    In short: There’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

  4. Why would he post it on Wikipedia of all places?!? Post it on a forum or a blog or somewhere you have a bit more control over who can edit it. Oh well, I wanted to read it, but as Gman pointed out, the article has been edited.

    Anyone have any other sources to get this? I have to admit, I’m curious…

  5. seems like it could be legit, but who knows.

    i do have a word to say about AppleTV, though. if Apple wants to make this a success, it needs to be a standalone device capable of doing something novel. right now, it just plays what you could normally play on your computer, but on your TV. i don’t know who could possible care about this. who has the time to be sitting on one end of the house to download something to then re-download to another device? it’s a total waste of time and hard drive space.

    AppleTV has potential, though, so long as it can do something (anything) useful without the assistance of a computer. first, if it could download or play (by stream) content directly from a source, it would be a hit. i’m hoping this is what is being planned with the rentals, and such. rentals would be a flop for AppleTV if you had to use the existing model of downloading to a computer first to then upload to an AppleTV (frankly, renting a DVD is a more convenient solution).

    the second thing that would open up the AppleTV would be to allow it to run some apps directly through a broadband connection. these could be unique apps for the AppleTV, like some simple games, or perhaps a simplified web browser in the style of the old WebTV. this would add value to the device, but you’d need a trackpad/keyboard peripheral to make it work well.

    the third thing that could make AppleTV a hit would be the inclusion of a supplementary technology that would allow people to buy one to REPLACE an existing device. I’m talking about DVD and Bluray here. People in the market for these devices could also consider an AppleTV, which opens up a very large new market segment, and even if nobody uses the iTunes content, it still has some functionality to justify the expense.

    Well, those are my two cents.

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