UBS: Best Buy to nearly double number of stores selling Macs as demand stays strong

Best Buy “plans to nearly double the number of stores that sell Apple’s Mac computers, according to UBS,” Scott Moritz reports for

“Based on conversations with Best Buy executives at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, UBS analysts said the retail giant plans to expand its Mac sales to 500 stores in the coming year. Best Buy currently sells Macs in about 270 stores and is a leading seller of iPods in all 900 of its stores, according to UBS,” Moritz reports.

“Apple is a big win for Best Buy, as the company’s computer line continues to gain popularity and steal market share from big PC players like Dell and Hewlett-Packard,” Moritz reports. “Demand for new Macs remains strong despite a slumping U.S. economy and a slowdown in consumer spending, say UBS and other Apple watchers.”

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  1. I am disappointed that MACs will take away shelf space from the likes of more deserving PC makers like HP, Gateway and Acer at Best Buy. What this does is reduce consumer choice. Face it, nobody wants an expensive, proprietary MAC and Apple is barely staying above 3% market share. Best Buy is making a huge mistake.

    Prospective PC buyers fall into three categories: 1) They want a PC that is recommended by the IT departments where the work, or 2) they want a PC that operates much like the one in their cubicle at work, or 3) they want to play games. I don’t see Apple figuring in any of the three categories I listed, besides, computers are just tools to get the job done and Windows is as good as a MAC anyway.

    Computer manufacturers who have the keen business sense to license Windows offer a fantastic variety of choice, and that’s what it’s all about.

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  2. Have you noticed how MDN and the rest of us used to frequently whinge on about Apple’s lack of push in the media advertising arena yet now, with increasing market share figures and store adoptions going up, you never hear a word of criticism from us about Apple? Looks like Stevie’s played a good ‘un after all!

  3. I only use Best Buy and Comp USA, as last resorts. They are frequently out of what I need and the sales staff is what you would expect out of someone working for, or close to minimum wage. Buying directly from Apple or vendors like OWC on line has been a much better experience for me.

  4. My mom, 74 years old, recently went to a Best Buy to look at an iMac and related stuff. They sent her to the department head who had no clue. When my mom asked if a printer would work with the iMac that she wanted, the dept. head read the box and pronounced OS X as “O S exs”.

    If Best Buy is going to sell great computers, then they need some great training otherwise it will be like selling Macs at WalMart. It seems that Best Buy wants a slice of the pie but are they willing to pay the price of training?

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