Jim Cramer: Time to buy Apple; there is no slowdown at Apple, only an acceleration

“What do you do when you know things are slowing? When you know there is a back-up in Nokia handsets? When you know from Nvidia that notebooks are slowing? When you know that Intel’s not going to blow out the quarter? When EMC is no longer on the Goldman focus list for slowing growth?” TheStreet.com’s Jim Cramer asks for BloggingStocks.

Cramer writes, “I wonder if, as nutty as it sounds, you buy.”

“Of course, one could argue that the best one to buy — and I will argue it — is Apple (AAPL). There is no slowdown at Apple. There is only an acceleration, as Macs are doing much better than we thought and the rest of the business is great,” Cramer writes.

Cramer writes, “The issue there, though, is that despite the share price decline, is that business acceleration enough to propel the stock forward? I said Monday that it was. I am sticking by that.”

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  1. C1: I believe that’s the First Law of eMotion.

    S.B.: Investments must be cultivated properly first. When the wining gets too loud though, that may be a sign to pick the low hanging opportunities.

  2. I just bought 9 shares (yeah I know) at $170. Little by little as I can afford whenever there is a dip. I figure APPL will be back near $200 within 60 days. I could be wrong, but if it drops lower and I have more money, I’ll buy again. Not quite the bargain that my first shares were at $37, but I still have faith.

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