Major U.S Presidential candidates’ stands on major technology issues of 2008

eWEEK has reviewed the technology statements and past actions of the major U.S. Presidential candidates.

eWeek looks at where the Republicans (Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney) and the Democrats (Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama) stand on the following issues:
• Network Neutrality
• Increasing H-1B Visas
• Increasing Free Trade Agreements
• Permanent Ban on Internet Connection Taxes
• More Government Spending for Broadband Penetration
• More Government Spending on Tech, Science Training
• Increasing Taxes for Government Tech Spending

As 2008 dawns, see where each candidate stands on some of the major tech issues here.


  1. G Spank,

    The illusion of ‘net neutrality’

    When talking about an Internet future, it is good to remember the wisdom of Shakespeare’s phrase, “what is past is prologue.”

    The astonishing growth of the Internet has been due to a “hands off” policy, with the marketplace and existing laws creating the parameters rather than rigid regulatory edicts whose adverse side-effects could well be severe. Let’s hope lawmakers and policymakers keep that in mind.Christopher Wolf, International Herald Tribune

  2. “Net neutrality is a HUGE issue. Looks like the Republicans want the internet to get owned by big businesses.”

    ummm, this is new?

    how is this stand different from what the neo-cons what for everything?

    and yes, to answer the McCain question, old school conservatives may see things differently, but lets deal with the reality that the GOP is now almost completely controlled by a mix of neo-cons and religious nut jobs. and they, as the man said, want big companies in charge telling you what to do.

    reality sucks sometimes, but ignoring it won’t change it.

  3. how is this stand different from what the neo-cons what for everything?

    Yes, of course. I hope Hilary get in and steals everything off of those rich people and hands it out to us bums, drug addicts, and minimum wage workers. And we will get FREE health Care, and FREE Housing, and FREE Food Stamps, and FREE This and FREE that……

    Rich people owe us….. Make them PAY!!!

  4. …and lets not forget the DMCA..

    “…the DMCA bill was brought to Congress by the Clinton Administration, not all Republicans voted for it, but most Democrats did vote for it because they took campaign contributions from the RIAA and MPAA like Clinton did.”

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