Why did Apple name Avon CEO Andrea Jung to Board of Directors?

“Avon Products CEO Andrea Jung will become Apple’s eighth member of its board of directors, the company announced Monday,” Tom Krazit blogs for CNET.

“Jung gives Apple an expert on direct sales strategies and the buying habits of women–at least a certain demographic of women–which could be enormously helpful to the company in helping grow its various businesses,” Krazit writes.

“Jung is well-known for her management prowess. She has been one of Fortune’s 10 most powerful women in business for the last several years, and has turned around Avon’s fortunes by tacking to the high end and cutting costs,” Krazit writes.

“She’s also fluent in Mandarin, and has helped turn Avon around in part by focusing on the growing market for consumer goods in China. That could help Apple refine its strategy for China,” Krazit writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Ms. Jung has served as a member of General Electric’s Board of Directors since 1998. Among many other things, GE owns NBC Universal.


  1. The story seems to imply that this is to help Apple with its China marketing, because PCs are sold in China very much in the way that cosmetics are sold in the US: an area of the store is divided into individual stalls for different brands. In order to achieve this Apple hires the CEO of a company that doesn’t sell through stores?

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