Intel unveils 45nm chips bound for next-gen Apple Macs, rumored new iDevices

“Exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, Intel Corp formally unveiled 16 new microprocessors based on the company’s 45-nanometer (nm) manufacturing process, several of which are expected to turn up in products from Apple Inc. over the next several months,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“Among the 16 new chips, 12 are designed for new notebook and desktops systems and four are reserved for servers or high-end workstations. All of the chips are lead-free and include the company’s new transistor formula and 45nm manufacturing process that boosts speeds, reduces power requirements, saves on battery life, all while yielding smaller packages for more fashionable and compact computer designs,” Lane reports.

“Apple is expected to adopt one of the Core 2 Duo Penryn chips for its upcoming sub-notebook, while using the remainder of the chip family to boost the specs of its MacBook Pro notebooks around the same time, and its iMac desktop family shortly thereafter,” Lane reports.

“The Menlow platform is comprised of the ‘Silverthorne’ processor and the ‘Poulsbo’ chipset, the former of which is expected to turn up in a handful of devices from Apple Inc. a bit later in the year,” Lane reports.

Many more details in the full article here.


  1. New mac tower which isn’t a high-end workstation, please!

    Seriously, put those desktop-class processor to use, Apple… right now you’re only using the mobile and server ones. That alone should tell you that something is missing.

  2. @garymac. Still wanting an Apple branded GPS! Maybe these chips will help move this along.

    Why is it that over the past couple of years nobody seems to know where they are or how to get there?

  3. Yeah, I’m with hmmmm, I’m gonna get an Asus EEEk to play around with, if the subnote Mac does not come at MWSF! I’ll load it with Tiger like some hacker showed. $400 is cheap enough to hack around with.

  4. “All I know is that you can’t get there from here.”

    “But I’m looking for the same old place.”
    “Ahh, you must mean the old Same place. It’s around back. I’ll get the key.”

    – “The Further Adventures of Nick Danger”, The Firesign Theater
    (From the album How Can You Be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All – July, 1969)

  5. ChrissyOne,

    More of these darn foreigners wanting to come here and set up there own little country within our country. They don’t want to learn our language or culture. And people rag on the poor Mexicans. These Scandinavians are no different. Well, except for having really hot, gorgeous blonds. Ah, I guess they aren’t all that bad.

  6. @ ChrissyOne
    Meanwhile, Menlow – Hill County, TX, USA is 4,763 miles away from where I grew up in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK. (according to Google Earth).
    Menlow, may not look hi tech but it sure looks purrty.

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