InfoWorld’s 2008 Technology of the Year Awards, Best Notebook Computer: Apple’s MacBook Pro

InfoWorld has released the winners of their 2008 Technology of the Year Awards and the award for Best Notebook Computer goes, of course, to Apple’s MacBook Pro.

The Santa Rosa MacBook Pro surpasses all notebooks in both usability and build quality. The glossy LED screen is a revelation. A dedicated graphics processor ensures that the system is always responsive. The sole blemish, inflexible power management, should not deter any power user — even a power Windows user — from adopting this notebook as his or her everyday machine.

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  1. I had to use the bathroom at a Starbucks the other day. I don’t drink the coffee. It’s too strong, besides, the Folgers I get at work made on the Bunn-o-matic is just fine. Mountain grown, or should I say mound and groan. Anyway, some hippy chick was using one of those toy Apple MACs right there at Starbucks. It looked like a Fisher-Price toy. Where’s the little nub in the middle of the keyboard or the secondary mouse button? Why were the speakers situated facing upward instead of to the sides or downward onto a desk or table? What’s with the sissy power connector? I’ll simply mention that the screen looked awful shiny and not matte like I’m used to. You might say the screen was glossy. Couldn’t that severely and permanently damage the user’s eyes? Losers.

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  2. Just FYI, some folks in our agency recently purchased some “high-end” HP notebooks. Paid almost $4,000 each as configured. A 17″ MacBook Pro, even with 4 GB RAM, Apple Care, and highest res display, would have cost less. The HP was slower (2 GHz), heavier, and has a mediocre display. And, with Parallels or Fusion, we *still* could have run our Windows apps. But, sadly, we’re “not allowed” to purchase Macs.

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