InfoWorld’s 2008 Technology of the Year Awards, Best Operating System: Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard

Apple Online StoreInfoWorld has released the winners of their 2008 Technology of the Year Awards and the award for Best Operating System goes, of course, to Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard.

Apple’s latest operating system release marks a turning point for the Mac. Leopard users and developers immediately reap the benefits of Leopard’s greatly enhanced Mac frameworks. Almost nothing is buried for Apple or developers to uncover, while users gain from Apple’s unsurpassed attention to usability and effortless integration from stem to stern. Leopard will change the way you work with computers, entirely for the better.

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  1. The same article awards MacBook Pro under the Hardware class:
    Apple MacBook Pro
    The Santa Rosa MacBook Pro surpasses all notebooks in both usability and build quality. The glossy LED screen is a revelation. A dedicated graphics processor ensures that the system is always responsive. The sole blemish, inflexible power management, should not deter any power user — even a power Windows user — from adopting this notebook as his or her everyday machine. FULL STORY …

  2. I call bullsh!t on InfoWorld’s choice for OS of the year, or should I say MisinfoWorld. The security issues in OS X Pussy alone disqualify it from any recognition. Pussy can’t play games, and Zune Marketplace doesn’t work in Pussy. Last, but certainly not least, Pussy is expensive and doesn’t have support for HD-DVD. Who’s going to support it in the enterprise?

    I know what’s going on. Despite Apple’s miniscule 3% market share their legions of astroturfers are going full throttle. It’s also fashionable for the media to fawn over Apple’s toys these days and you pretentious MAC sheep like to look down your noses at that old fuddy duddy Microsoft. Whatever. Redmond has some real magic in store for 2008.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. Zune Tang . . .

    Your schtick reeks, simple REEKS from decay and desuetude, just like MicroSloth’s Vista. Your puerile postings are BORING, BORING, BORING. For the love of freshness (and “change”), would you please try something else?**

    **Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Satire. But bad, worn-out satire can stink TOO . . . and yours DOES.

  4. You don’t know my cat, like I know my cat.

    Apple just got the P-factor. Avon plays meow!
    And it’s going to score well for Apple with all it’s charm.

    CEO Andrea Jung is a super addition to Apple.
    One as an iCON worldwide,
    two Strategically in the post-computer
    sector for Apple’s dominance.

    No June Twang, MacroSloth, has nothing to pull out of it’s hat, nor does it have anything ups it’s sleeves. Bill has stepped down. The PC wars are over. Post-PC wars have begun and Apple has a 10 year commanding lead. Users everywhere will be better for it.

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