Orange sells over 70,000 Apple iPhones in France in first month

France Telecom SA’s Orange wireless unit sold more than 70,000 Apple iPhones since it debuted on November 29th in the French market according to a report from French-language newspaper Les Echos.

That number falls near the middle Orange’s previously publicly-stated target of 50,000 to 100,000 iPhone sales for the period.

Full article (in French) here.

Bain de sang.


  1. Well, the 70,000 iPhones sold by Orange is sure not the total amount of iPhones in France. Shitloads of selt-imported iPhones from the US are in use or sold on ebay, the same thing as here in Germany.

    Of course, in this case you have to deduct these imported iPhones from US-sales.

    I for me am happy with my (real) iPhone bought in Hongkong…

  2. That’s a disappointing number. If the rumor of 5 million iPhones being announced by Steve at MWSF is true, then 1 million have to be sold by the three european countries. With only 70,000 in France, that would imply something closer to 300,000 in Europe, not 1 million. I think Steve announces 3.5 million iPhones sold at MWSF.

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