USA Today names Apple’s iPhone, ‘Get a Mac’ ads among 2007’s best

“To help select the year’s most memorable ad moments in 10 major categories, the Ad Team asked readers to give us their picks at and also gathered opinions from advertising industry experts,” Laura Petrecca reports for USA Today.

“An ad ahead of the iPhone’s June 29 release that showcased the functions of Apple’s flashy new gadget stirred lust for the product in hearts far beyond those of famously loyal Applephiles. The ad, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day simply showed a close-up of the phone’s touch screen, with a hand demonstrating how the device shows pictures; organizes, displays and plays your music; shows video; and makes calls,” Petrecca reports. “‘Apple gets it,’ says William Ward, a marketing professor at Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y. ‘The ad clearly demonstrates the benefits. Most companies aren’t able to do ‘simple’ — but Apple takes a pretty complicated product and makes it simple.'”

Apple iPhone “How To:”

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“Actor Justin Long — the Mac — and comedian John Hodgman — the PC — were stellar in 17 new TV ads this year for Apple computers. The PC (usually in a dorky suit) and the Mac (cool and casually attired) discuss their attributes, with the PC humorously revealing his failure to match up. The ads by TBWA/Chiat/Day masterfully humanize a complex technical comparison,” Petrecca reports. “‘Absolute perfection,’ says Mike Lear, associate creative director at ad shop The Martin Agency.”

Apple ‘Get a Mac’ ad:

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More of 2007’s most memorable ads are discussed in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. The Mac vs. PC ads have grown on even the most jaded. Friends of mine who hated them at first now chuckle at some of the new ones. These are not Winblows diehards – they are average Joes who don’t know a Mac from a PC from a hole in the wall. They believe the hardware is the only reason for a PC running well or sucking. They totally don’t understand the importance of the OS. These are the consumers Apple needs to target, and is, with these ads.

  2. I guess the man on the street iPhone ads did not fly though.

    The others sure got a lot of air time over the holiday week. I saw one at 3 am!

    “Tech Support” and “Choose a Vista” were my favorite mac ads. The recent Santa one was cute too.

  3. What about the Zune ads on TV? Oh wait I have yet to see one. Hmm perhaps they can have a bunch of MS employees pee on each other and then pop in the tag line made famous by a certain phone company “Reach out and Squirt Someone”

  4. I’ve seen more Zune ads (remember “Welcome to the social”?) than I’ve seen Zunes in the wild, which is exactly ONE.

    I cracked up with Cancel/Allow’s “sad realization” quip. And John Hodgman’s “Oh, come on, oh…what!” in the Santa Claus bit was precious.

  5. I STILL have yet to see a “Zoon” in the wild. Livin’ in Columbus, Ohio, home of 50,000 kids at Ohio State. Every time I roll through campus, ALL the kids are rockin’ iPods.

    They are the de facto standard for our music-loving youth.

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