Report: More than one Hollywood studio to appear on Macworld Expo stage with Apple CEO Steve Jobs

“Apple’s sputtering efforts to be a major purveyor of video downloads may get a boost in 2008 from an agreement with 20th Century Fox for digital movie rentals,” John Markoff reports for The New York Times.

MacDailyNews Take: If by “sputtering,” Markoff means “market-dominating,” he’s correct.

“Apple has been trying to interest a number of Hollywood studios in an iTunes rental service, and several people familiar with the negotiations said that more than one studio would appear onstage at the company’s MacWorld exhibition here beginning Jan. 14 to endorse a new Apple movie rental service,” Markoff reports.

MacDailyNews Take: 20th Century Fox and Disney or those two plus more?

Markoff continues, “Apple, which is based in Cupertino, Calif., now sells movie downloads from several studios through its iTunes service, including Walt Disney, where Mr. Jobs is a board member and its largest individual shareholder.”

Markoff reports, “With more than 30 million iPods sold, many of which can display videos, Apple has in its customers an attractive audience for the Hollywood studios. “

MacDailyNews Take: You guys dropped the “1” there, John. It’s over 130 million iPods sold to date. 30 million in the last quarter maybe. Apple began offering iPods with video playback capability on October 12, 2005.

Markoff continues, “The ability of consumers to watch movies on multiple devices — video players, laptops, desktop computers and televisions — would be a significant advance for Apple, by expanding the market for movie rentals.”

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  1. And why the word “sputtering efforts”? Why not “fledgling” or “growing efforts”? Because “sputtering” implies failure, and NYT reporters have to pass the cynical test before they are ever hired. If they can’t report with negative and disparaging tone, they are shuttled off to the mail room.

  2. From the article:

    “Steven P. Jobs…has been publicly skeptical about movie rentals in the past.”

    Anyone know if this true? I don’t recall Jobs ever doing that. I think he’s only been negative about MUSIC rentals! Yet, another blunder by the NYT??

  3. Is it so much to ask that people who report for a living actually get some facts straight? I can understand bloggers messing up, I mean, they are bloggers, but if your job is to write a story based on facts, then get the damn facts straight.

  4. Hmmm… let’s see, Netflix for $17.99 per month for unlimited movie rentals, or an AppleTV for $399 plus $5 per each movie I want to rent. Not to mention that the iTunes movie EXPIRES after a certain number of days. No thanks, I’ll stick with Netflix. There is simply no advantage to going the Apple route on this one.

  5. deepdish,

    I’ve been using Mactheripper (MTR) for three years and recently their registration has become the worst in the mac world (see mactheripper @ for details). So after switching to an Intel iMac my old MTR stopped working. I then gave Handbrake a go.

    The problem is that Handbrake won’t allow you to create a dvd from a dvd. The workarounnd is to rip a dvd into a .avi file. Then you create a dvd from the .avi file. It works but takes several hours to do.

    With MTR you rip a dvd and then drop the .vob files into Toast and presto you have a dvd. However the onerous registration using Mactheripper is a real turnoff including “phone-home” code built into the software. Your choice dude, I can’t make up my mind on this one.

    There are some alternatives but they’re not all that great. Alternatively, if you’re using an intel mac there’s always Parallels etc. and Anydvd…

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