ZDNet’s George Ou taken to woodshed over misleading Mac OS X security piece

“George Ou is again trying to convince the world that Mac OS X’s security is in shambles while Microsoft has solved the security crisis it created, at least for users of new PCs and when excluding that pesky problem of vast existing networks of compromised Windows bots that plague us all with mountains of spam no matter what platform we use,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“This time, the problem isn’t just his penchant for getting facts wrong, failing to understand anything about the subjects he writes, orchestrating elaborate conspiracy theories, or dramatically casting derision on anyone who corrects him. Instead, he’s teamed up with ZDNet cohorts to disingenuously present false information he knows is wrong because he’s been corrected about posting vulnerability statistics from Secunia without context before,” Dilger writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Daniel’s raining on Georgie’s FUD parade. Again.

Dilger continues, “Ou is a ballet dancer who took a job at ZDnet because he couldn’t find work dancing. His core competency is pussyfooting around while dramatic music plays, but he isn’t even fun to watch because he spends most of his time arguing with his audience in a fit of rage, trying to justify one clumsy fall after another. It’s a performance nobody would back apart from maybe Microsoft, if the interpretive dance were aimed at getting across its talking points.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oofha! Laughter is currently ringing throughout the palatial halls of the MacDailyNews headquarters!

Dilger continues, “Numbers of flaws are indicative not only of problems, but also of solutions. It’s not a simple case of ‘fewer is better.’ …At the top of every advisory statists report, Secunia adds: ‘PLEASE NOTE: The statistics provided should NOT be used to compare the overall security of products against one another. It is IMPORTANT to understand what the below comments mean when using the statistics, especially when using the statistics to compare the vulnerability aspects of different products.'”

Dilger asks, “How does ZDNet defend the business sense of hosting a false report on vulnerability numerology, a report Ou already used back in February, was corrected on, but then chose to spill out again for more click sensationalism now that ZDNet has promoted him from dancing shill to the author of its Zero Day security blog? And was nobody else at ZDNet more qualified than Ou to misrepresent statistics on Windows security?”

Dilger concludes, “It appears nobody in the ZDNet organization is qualified to be writing about security, or Mac OS X, or perhaps even Microsoft.”

Full article – very entertaining and highly recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve had better be paying attention to all this because there are many thousands more confirmed invasions of the much lied about Mac security (it’s not anymore!) now than there were a year ago.

    So, what does the next year hold if ARROGANCE as usual prevails and we sit around here ripe for the picking?

  2. I didn’t see in this MDN article where Daniel Eran Dilger actually refuted any of Ou’s claims. Instead, he does the typical liberal thing of attacking the source of the message.

    I want to see exactly where Ou is wrong and I don’t see this mention in this MDN article.

  3. Hey Borkie, or Caution Ahead, – why don’t you register here on MDN?

    Oh – that’s why, you’re that scumbag Windows troll that always comes out of the woodwork at moments like this…

    I smell major fear amongst those trying to halt the march of Mac.

    Ha ha ha children.

  4. ” Instead, he does the typical liberal thing of attacking the source of the message. “

    Yeah because no one who is ‘conservative’ has EVER done ANYTHING like that.

    Now please excuse me, I have to go get my sarcasmometer fixed. It just broke from pegging off the scale.

  5. Thousands more confirmed invasions? Much lied about Mac security? Speaking for myself, it ain’t a lie. It is always a good idea to err on the side of caution, but keep your chicken little ‘The sky is falling!’ FUD to yourself.

    @ Mark
    Typical liberal thing? What exactly does that mean? And also, did you even read the article? Apparently not.

  6. @ Caution Ahead;

    The only place that “many thousands more confirmed invasions” has occurred (concerning Mac OSX) is inside your head.
    Get a grip, see a shrink, ‘cos you’re scaring me with your delusional rantings.

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