Microsoft files patent app for DRM-embedded no-skip ads in video downloads

“Microsoft is attempting to secure a patent for technology that would prevent users from skipping ads in downloaded videos, according to a new filing with the US Patent Office,” MacNN reports.

“The technique would insert a digital rights management (DRM) token inside the file that would prevent users from playing the intended video until relevant ads are viewed. It would also allow a content producer to insert ads into a downloaded video at its own discretion,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

Microsoft patent application description reads in part, “Much like conventional video delivery, advertising provides a major source of revenue for online video services. These online services often provide short streaming video clips with advertisements inserted at the beginning of the desired video content. Because a video stream is generated at the website’s server, the online video service can exercise full control over the insertion of video ads into the stream. Moreover, the user cannot circumvent watching streaming video ads because their insertion is server-based… downloading video content can provide certain advantages over streaming video, it presents problems in the enforcement of ad delivery and insertion. In particular, ads that are inserted locally are much more vulnerable to circumvention by the user. Thus, the mechanism used to insert ads must be immune to circumvention by the user.”

Full patent application here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is sounding more and more like Macrovision every day. They already have the perfect name should they merge: Microvision. Oh wait, that’s taken. How about “Blind DRM Lovers Bent On Futile Attempts to Thwart End User Control” — uh, perhaps that’s a bit too long? Maybe “The Company That Makes People Want to Edit Out the Commercials and Torrent the End Product” — damn, still too long! Well, “MacroAholes” works much better anyway. What do you think?


  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Once again Microsoft leaves Apple in the dust with awesome customer-focused innovation. I can’t help but laugh as this incredible technical acheivement must have Cupertino scrambling. Happy Holidays, Apple!

    What are you MAC lemmings gonna do with those crappy video I-PODs now?

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. I hate the fact that I can’t fast forward certain parts of my DVD’s.
    Now we will be forced to watch ads from this stupid microsoft idea?

    Please somebody, make a DVD player that we FULLY own and control and also come up with a hack or system to skip those ads.

  3. Think about this….

    Let’s say your perusing iTunes looking for the latest episode of your favorite (Non-NBC) TV Show. You have 2 options. You can pay $1.99 (or as some execs (NBC) would like to see, $4.99) for the episode….

    …or you can download a free episode. It won’t cost you anything. All you have to know is that this episode has commercial’s inside. You can’t fast forward them when they start playing.

    I can think of a few instances when I wouldn’t mind watching some commercials and getting the episode for free. This way, if the episode was a P.O.S., then I only wasted my time, not my time and my money.

    IF THAT is what Microsoft is trying to do, then I don’t have a problem with it. But if they are thinking of making you pay to download the video AND force you to watch the advertisements, well, that’s just a big hunk of steaming fresh cow doody.

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