Fastforward Software announces Christmas sale, 20% off range of Mac OS X software

Fastforward Software today announced a Christmas sale with 20% off their range of Mac OS X software and games, starting from only US$9.99. The sale includes FinanceToGo (was $44.95, now $35.95), Galder (was $19.99, now $15.99), QuickSnap (was $14.95, now $11.95), Meander (was $19.95, now $15.95) and Bin-it (was $12.50, now $9.99). Fastforward’s Christmas Sale runs from December 21, 2007 until December 25, 2007.

Items starting from $9.99 with 20% off all items, sale available worldwide from the Fastforward Website. Purchases can be made through PayPal or using credit cards.

The sale is accessible here.


  1. The maroons at Fastforward are fast (ass) backward. They describe Bin-it by duplicating the words from QuickSnap. Does no-one proofread any more?

    Sorry, wrong question at MDN. Merry Christmas.

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