AT&T extends post-Christmas store hours to accommodate Apple iPhone shoppers

AT&T today announced extended hours at AT&T retail locations Wednesday, Dec. 26, to accommodate the flurry of post-Christmas shoppers. Staffing will be increased and many of the company’s 1,800 retail locations will open as early as 7 a.m. local time. Consumers should check with their local stores for exact hours.

“Wireless devices and services, and especially the iPhone, are at the top of many holiday wish lists this year, and many will be looking for new accessories for their new handsets the day after Christmas” said Paul Roth, president, Sales and Marketing for AT&T’s wireless business, in the press release. “We’re opening our doors early in as many locations as possible and adding extra staff to accommodate the needs of these customers”

Customers who receive an iPhone over the holidays will be able to activate it using Apple’s popular iTunes software running on a Mac or Windows PC in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office, without having to wait in a store while their phone is activated. Activating iPhone takes only minutes as iTunes guides the user through simple steps to choose their service plan, authorize their credit and activate their iPhone.

Customers can be approved for credit during the iPhone activation process or preapproved at an AT&T retail location. Consumers with questions about the activation process are encouraged to visit an AT&T store before Christmas.

AT&T Holiday Store Hours:
• Monday, Dec. 24, 2007 – 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some stores may stay open later; consumers should check with local stores.
• Tuesday, Dec. 25 – Stores will be closed for Christmas Day.
��� Wednesday, Dec. 26 – Most stores will open early, some as early as 7 a.m., and will close as late as 9 p.m., depending on the location.

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  1. With self-activation of iPhones through iTunes, will AT&T;find their stores irrelevant? That they should have slept in? Or will they be answering the questions of boneheads who cannot figure out how to do it themselves?

  2. No need to pile on. Your sup position was frank lee in ernest.
    Ass for humor, Kosmo was the man. It would be him or Roy D. Mercer that runs the chance of making a splash while others are left behind.

    (now wipe that smile off your face…)

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