Cover Stream 1.0 puts Cover Flow on your Mac OS X Desktop today released Cover Stream 1.0, an iTunes controller that gives users access to iTunes Cover Flow right from your desktop without switching applications.

According to, Cover Stream will even flick through your album collection faster and smoother than iTunes.

Cover Stream also introduces Flip-Browsing pick an album, flip it over, pick a track.

Cover Stream also gives you access to your iTunes playlists. Simply flip the window over, pick a playlist or track, and hit return.

With global, fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, Cover Stream allows users to play, pause, skip, rate, adjust sound volume, hide or show iTunes, and much more, without interrupting your workflow.

Track info and album artwork is displayed in a small, floating window. In addition, Cover Stream’s dock icon reflects the album artwork of the song you are currently listening to, so you can always see your music at a glance.

Cover Stream requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and a consolidated iTunes music library.

Cover Stream is available through’s web site at a price of US$14.95. Upgrades are, and will always be, free of charge.

A fully functional demo is available for download. More info and screenshots here.


  1. I’m going to go of topic: why is .mac such a crap heap? I have had a Powerbook since March 2005 and I love it still. But .mac kind of sucks. The idea is that I should be able to access documents on my iDisk from any computer, right? Yet due to the LOUSY iDisk interface as it appears on my Windows machine at work, I am unable to scroll down to the document I want after I click to expand the document folder. A hundred bucks a year for that kind of non-functionality? Go screw, Apple, you are ripping me off.

  2. That looks neat. My desktop is getting a little crowded with all these floating-window apps, though. It’s ironic – too bad there’s so many good ones out there!


    I’m going to go off-topic as well:

    Why do people post completely unrelated complaints in potentially interesting threads? Do they expect an answer? Do they think they’re somehow notifying the offending party? Do they think anyone reading it will think anything but “what a tool”?

  3. In case library size has anything to do with it crashing on my machine, I should note I have a little over 10,000 tracks. I would think their app could easily my library as there are people with much larger iTunes libraries than mine.

  4. Console output on launch-crash:

    20.12.07 19.30.50 CoverStream[7557] Apple event returned an error. Event = ‘hook’\’Srch’{ ‘—-‘:’obj ‘{ ‘want’:’cLiP’, ‘from’:’obj ‘{ ‘want’:’cSrc’, ‘from’:’null'(), ‘form’:’indx’, ‘seld’:1 }, ‘form’:’indx’, ‘seld’:1 }, ‘pTrm’:’utxt'(“”), ‘pAre’:’kSrL’ }
    Error info = {
    ErrorNumber = -50;
    20.12.07 19.30.50 CoverStream[7557] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSGenericException’, reason: ‘Apple event returned an error. Event = ‘hook’\’Srch’{ ‘—-‘:’obj ‘{ ‘want’:’cLiP’, ‘from’:’obj ‘{ ‘want’:’cSrc’, ‘from’:’null'(), ‘form’:’indx’, ‘seld’:1 }, ‘form’:’indx’, ‘seld’:1 }, ‘pTrm’:’utxt'(“”), ‘pAre’:’kSrL’ }
    Error info = {
    ErrorNumber = -50;

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