Apple stock price once again boosted ahead of Macworld Conference and Expo

“Back in December 2006, I wrote about the ‘MacWorld Expo Apple Stock Price Indicator’ which I have been following for years. This is the stock trend of the rising price of Apple Computer stock as the San Francisco MacWorld Expo convention approaches. My previous articles described how in the previous five out of the last six years, Apple Computer stock (AAPL) has increased by at least 8% and as much as 37%, measured from November 15 to the last day of the Expo in January,” Stockerblog writes for SeekingAlpha.

“At the beginning of this year, the stock repeated its performance, rising about 13% from November 15 to the last day of the Expo on January 12. The overall average for the last six years during this two-month time frame was an increase of 14%. What causes this to happen? Probably strong year-end sales of Apple products from holiday shopping, anticipation and release of new products to be released at the Expo, and the heavy promotion of the MacWorld Expo which is indirect stock promotion. As I mentioned in my last article, ‘the product buzz created the stock buzz,'” Stockerblog writes.

“The stock is already up about 19 points from where it was on November 15,” Stockerblog reports.

The full article includes a table showing the effect the run-up to Macworld Conference and Expo on Apple’s stock price since 2001 here.


  1. It’s all sort of obvious though.

    The gains during the year are a result of good sales, new product lines, and the hungry look of investors after those long term profits from the iPhone, from Apple getting monthly revenues from the phone companies who are carrying it.

    But, the stock always rises in anticipation of a big Apple event. Ideas of new products are responsible. For January MacWorld, there is also the expectation that Apple has had a VERY good holiday quarter.

  2. It’s not like it was, five years ago you could pitch it to within half an hour, that is the decline around the end of the keynote when the rumors didn’t materialize. And it was a short run up too, five or six days, buy a week before, sell just before the ‘one more thing’ hit the wires. Nowadays the day traders are playing around, and there’s big FUD money especially from funds that have strong positions in Microsoft, RIM, Dell and such, so it’s a risky game. Hell after a recent keynote the stock actually went up!

  3. anyone with a long term outlook

    needs to buy me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do the following:

    Put Apple, Dell, and m-soft into google stock ticket.

    look at a 5-10 year chart.

    you might think wow Apple has had quite a run.


    As you can see Apple has not even began its run yet.

    I say this.

    Dell and Microsoft are not even 1/100 the quality of an Apple Inc.

    Apple inc is the best Company Ever.

    It is Time the Stock price shows it.

    And guess what? You can get rich doing what you love.

    This is not a game it is the truth.

    If you invest in Apple and Apple continues on its course.

    You will make money, and make the world a better place at the same time.

    too good to be true.

    Dell and Microsoft already did this for there investors.

    where is the money going to go now? those stocks have stalled.




  4. @aapl,

    Do you make infomercials for a living?

    Sure Apple is having a great run. But like all things there’s risk; never invest money you can’t afford to lose.

    Play, but play wisely. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. just returning the favor
    it was this board that got to to invest in apple last year
    225% ago

    I am not saying bet the farm, but for god sake stop earning 5-10% in a fund/savings/bond whatever

    AAPL baby
    no joke

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