PC World names Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007: Microsoft’s Windows Vista

PC World takes a look at fifteen of 2007’s much-ballyhooed products, sites, and services that, it turned out, left much to be desired.

#1. No Wow, No How: Windows Vista: “Five years in the making and this is the best Microsoft could do?” Dan Tynan asks to PC World.

“Vista isn’t all that good. Many of the innovations the operating system was supposed to bring–like more efficient file and communications systems–got tossed overboard as Microsoft struggled to get the OS out the door, some three years after it was first promised. Despite its hefty hardware requirements, Vista is slower than XP,” Tynan writes.

“We have no doubt Vista will come to dominate the PC landscape, if only because it will become increasingly hard to buy a new machine that doesn’t have it pre-installed. And that’s disappointing in its own right,” Tynan writes.

PC World is also disappointed with AT&T’s broadband service for Apple iPhone (EDGE), Microsoft Office 2007’s interface changes, Apple Mac OS X Leopard for minor problems upon release, and Microsoft’s Zune 2.0: “We’re not the only ones disappointed in the Zune. According to the NPD Group, Microsoft still lags behind Sandisk and Creative Labs in market share for portable media players. And for every Zune Microsoft sells, Apple sells 30 iPods. Remember: You can’t kill an iPod if you can’t get close to it.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pastry Chef” for the heads up.]


  1. WOW

    Now that a good example of what can be said is “THE KISS OF DEALTH” for M$’s Vista…

    And what about all of those new computer owners who having to pay to degrade there boxes back to XP… someone should take M$ to court for this mess called Vista!

    And to think those folks could have bought a new Mac and had chose… MAC or Windows and most would have never gotten past MAC once they had turned on there Mac!

    Well I guess that means stupidity is still alive and well in some parts of America… sad but true!

  2. Vista was rushed out the door to stop the assault of Mac OS X, plain and simple. Microsoft was scared of the new Apple under Steve Jobs.

    The fact that Vista was dragged out for years before release shows the “just wait to see what we got” anticipation was utilized for maximum benefit.

    Vista didn’t have to be better than Mac OS X, just not tired looking as XP would be next to OS X.

    Microsoft diverted a potentially large defection to Apple and that’s all that was needed. After all there is only so much improvement one can do to a operating system and the GUI before it gets silly, just look at Leopard’s “stacks” and stupid 3D dock, it’s hideous. Now Safari asks you before it quits to save tabs/web pages? How stupid, thats what a History is for.

    Microsoft improved the security and the general looks of Windows, unfortunatly they planned on hardware improving enough to be able to run Vista fast, but like everyone else they are struggling to make best use of a multi-core processors, which is difficult to code for. Apple was smart to keep their OS slim.

    I suspect the next version of Windows will significanlty improve on Vista but of course always remain slightly behind Mac OS. “Just good enough not to buy into a hardware lock” as the catch phrase is.

    In fact Mac OS XI (that’s 11, next comes OS XII and OS XIII and OS XIV and so on) supposed to have animated 3D dock icons when one mouses over them.

    Silly. So are glossy screens, just silly.

  3. Leopard’s minor problems? They seem to be VERY minor compared to what my Winblows sufferer friends have been dealing with in Shitsa since its release.

    As an early adopter, I had very few problems at all – some cursor wonkiness, a Firefox crash, and an iTunes crash. That’s it! Not a kernel panic to be seen anywhere! No reboots to fix a frozen system.

    Can Shitsa early adopters say that?

  4. A link to another classic Fista review.


    A great quote that shows how brainwashed some people are and how far behind the times Madia$oft really is.

    “I like the junk filtering in Windows Mail (Vista’s upgraded version of Outlook Express); and I appreciate the way I can easily drag User folders (formerly My Documents) to a new location”

    Filtering? In mail since Panther, at least. He is happy to be able to move a freakin’ folder?!?!?!

    What a joke!

  5. ZuneTang, I can’t help giving a “troll” the treat they seek, an acknowleding response.
    Your nose is so brown! You must like the smell of Bill Gates butt in the morning when you kiss it.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  6. I have a problem with the article including Leopard and iPhone. The article totally lost my attention after that.

    It had to be Microsoft’s requirement, in order to make Vista appear not to be such a loser.

  7. The saddest part of all is that eventually Vista will be the #1 OS in the world. Specially in the US. No matter how crappy the software is, it will be in 95% of the computers in the US. Isn’t it nice to have a monopoly?

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