PC World names Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007: Microsoft’s Windows Vista

PC World takes a look at fifteen of 2007’s much-ballyhooed products, sites, and services that, it turned out, left much to be desired.

#1. No Wow, No How: Windows Vista: “Five years in the making and this is the best Microsoft could do?” Dan Tynan asks to PC World.

“Vista isn’t all that good. Many of the innovations the operating system was supposed to bring–like more efficient file and communications systems–got tossed overboard as Microsoft struggled to get the OS out the door, some three years after it was first promised. Despite its hefty hardware requirements, Vista is slower than XP,” Tynan writes.

“We have no doubt Vista will come to dominate the PC landscape, if only because it will become increasingly hard to buy a new machine that doesn’t have it pre-installed. And that’s disappointing in its own right,” Tynan writes.

PC World is also disappointed with AT&T’s broadband service for Apple iPhone (EDGE), Microsoft Office 2007’s interface changes, Apple Mac OS X Leopard for minor problems upon release, and Microsoft’s Zune 2.0: “We’re not the only ones disappointed in the Zune. According to the NPD Group, Microsoft still lags behind Sandisk and Creative Labs in market share for portable media players. And for every Zune Microsoft sells, Apple sells 30 iPods. Remember: You can’t kill an iPod if you can’t get close to it.”

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  1. This may be true. but they are getting good reviews from people up grading from Vista to windows XP


    To be honest there is only one conclusion to be made; Microsoft has really outdone themselves in delivering a brand new operating system that really excels in all the areas where Vista was sub-optimal. From my testing, discussions with friends and colleagues, and a review of the material out there on the web there seems to be no doubt whatsoever that that upgrade to XP is well worth the money. Microsoft can really pat themselves on the back for a job well done, delivering an operating system which is much faster and far more reliable than its predecessor. Anyone who thinks there are problems in the Microsoft Windows team need only point to this fantastic release and scoff loudly.

    Well done Microsoft!


  2. I don’t see what the disappointment is, it’s a microsoft product. The only people that understand it’s horridity ( yes I made that up ) are people who use computers, and people who use Mac’s. People buying PC’s to access that NET have no idea what a pile of shit Vista is, and XP for that matter too. Hell, my old man had me convinced at one point that Window’s 3.1 was a fantastic OS. Then I went to compUSA and used a Mac. Good thing my old man was a couple of years behind that curve other wise I would have been using Windows 95 and thought like 90% of the world that it was great, and that it was actually something that microsoft had come up with on their own.

    The only thing that is going to dominate that markets is OS X on Mac’s and all of the variants on other devices.

  3. If you want to gloat over that list, Leopard isn’t that far behind at #8. In fact, Apple and Microsoft are the only companies with more than 1 product on the list; Microsoft with 3, Zune, Office 2007, and Vista and Apple with two, iPhone (although, it’s not much of a real disappointment in the description), and Leopard.

  4. “Microsoft struggled to get the OS out the door, some three years after it was first promised.”

    I believe it was 5 years. So the analysts are cutting MS a lot of slack. Oh! Oh! That’s what MS is: ‘Slack’.

  5. Et tu, PC World? It appears the Apple astroturfers & Cupertino’s FUD machine got to you too. Sickening.

    Magnificent Microsoft Windows Vista is still shaking things up in the computing world with it’s fantastic looking and blazing fast Aero interface. The “Wow” is most definitely now. Maybe you MAC sheep will get a taste of Microsoft’s innovations when Apple copies it in the next OS X Pussy release. PC World’s comments regarding Zune 2.0 are going to look pretty stupid next holiday season when Zune finally overtakes the “me too” I-POD in market share. The new Zunes look great. I’m gonna get one. It gives the tired and stale I-POD a run for its money.

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