Apple iPhone (2.5G EDGE) vs. Nokia E61i (3G UMTS) website loading shootout (you might be surprised)

Many have criticized Apple for choosing the “much slower,” but much less power-hungry EDGE (2.5G) over the supposedly faster, but battery-draining UMTS (3G). In a test conducted by the German-language iPhone Infoblog, WLAN on both phones is deactivated.

The iPhone, thanks to a faster processor and the superior Webkit-based Safari Web browser, is in the same league with the Nokia E61i when loading websites.

For example, the Die Zeit website loaded fully in 76 seconds vs. 79 seconds for the Nokia. The Nokia loaded eBay fully in 26 seconds vs. 30 seconds for iPhone. ApplePhoneInfo tested their own site and the iPhone loaded it in 0:31 vs. the Nokia’s 0:27.

The text and voiceover is in German, but the video speaks volumes in any language:

Direct link to the video via YouTube here:

ApplePhoneInfo’s full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Markim” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: As always: iPhone users, while on EDGE, please use our RSS feed instead of our home page while we debate whether we should be redesigning our Web pages for a device that offers a full Web browser and purports to surf the real Web or until Apple releases a 3G iPhone, whichever comes first.


  1. @ Huck

    Not so fast.
    I work on the road and I regularly do online banking, purchases and such using Edge. The trick is that you dont have to wait until the site is fully loaded before you start reading or any other activity. I even manage to post to this site (MDN) over Edge. Granted it is slower to load than Many other.
    Edge is also perfect for Google Maps.

  2. About the Fading out of the Nokia phone… this is video stroking… the refresh rate of the Nokia most likely is slower then the rate at which the video was taken… hence we get a fade out on ocassion.

    If I am wrong then… perhaps it’s the Nokia having a battery drain – a burp from a cel phone… if not then perhaps the iPhon is causing some interference.

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It Makes the iPhone LOOK even better.

    W8Ago Apple!

  3. Did you notice the pulsing display of the Nokia, and the way that the screen kept dimming to save power. Highly annoying to say the least. Factor in the additional time required to scroll around to find what you want and the comparison (and Nokia) are done.

    Game, set and match to iPhone. Next would-be contender, please…

  4. “Yeah, either way, that’s waaaaaay too slow to be usable.”

    This is context dependent. If you are stuck somewhere without WiFi you not only have no other options, but probably have time to kill. If you are stuck somewhere without WiFi and just need an address, it certainly is not only usable, but useful.

  5. while this is nice, i don’t care as much about the speed…

    look at the pages side by side that are displayed. if that nokia was capable of shame it wouldn’t have displayed anything at all after the first page….. pathetic.

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