Apple Store, West 14th Street now open with free Pro and Open Labs

The Apple Store, West 14th Street, Apple’s largest store in Manhattan, is now open.

Apple Store, West 14th Street fetures three floors full of all things Apple. The top floor, dedicated entirely to service, features a 46-foot Genius Bar. It’s also home to Apple’s new Open Labs and Pro Labs – free, in-depth training sessions on professional creative photo, video and music applications.

Pro Labs are free, four-part, eight-hour courses, where you’ll meet fellow aspiring creative pros and learn solution-based workflows from Apple’s team of expert trainers. At the end of the series, you’ll be able to share what you’ve learned with friends and family. You can sign up for these Labs by following the link below.

Open Labs happen every day, offering a welcoming environment in which to work, meet, and collaborate with like-minded aspiring creative professionals. First-come, first-served seating. No sign-up required. Open Lab is open whenever the store is open, but may be limited during select workshops and special events.

The Apple Store, West 14th Street is located at 401 West 14th Street at 9th Avenue.

Find out more about the West 14th Street store and see the calendar of events here.


  1. What a butt-ugly billboard.

    No glowing Apple logo sign on the building either?

    Very nice staircase and cool Genius bar. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. MDN:
    Could you please, before you delete my comment, tell me how in h^%$# you have these pop up ads. Safari can’t block them. i need to design a web page that does the same kind of spam.


  3. Wow that place is huge! I’d love to see DELL top that with their own crappy stores. Oh wait, do they they still have them? Or did Mr. DELL sold them all and shared the profits to his shareholders?

  4. So guys, i was a PC user and now finally i saw the light, bought an iMac and i won’t ever come back to a PC again. The plarfotm is incredibly stable and powerful, Leopard is 10 times ahead Vista, better resolution, easier to use, fantastic application, more important, millions of times easier to troubleshoot….
    And the Iphone? FANTASTIC!!!!
    This Company has already won the market and now is approaching to conquer the entire planet, I’m sure that even U.F.O’s favorite Computer is…. APPLE.
    Thank you Steve!!!

  5. @Hmmmm

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    There is a very large, and free list of parasites on the web (search for hosts file) and it’s quite easy to add this file to your /etc/hosts at the bottom. (add, don’t delete existing data in the file)

    Your computer will refuse to connect to any site or server you please.

  6. hi max. gee only 20 years late but oh well. It hurts to know huh.

    PS: 10,000 more people and then us mac ppl will stop pC users joiningg Hahaha when our club is full. so welcome.

    If you feed it it grows also.

  7. Apple is succeeding today because of integration. Back when Macs first came out, integration was not as important because computer technology and software were not as complex. Twenty plus years latter, Apple is exploiting their key advantage of controlling and integrating hardware and software into one user experience. As technology continues to become more complex, Apple’s unique advantage will grow, thanks in large part to the dependence of the rest of the industry on Microsoft.

    Now, Apple is expanding this integration into services as well, where buying the Mac, maintaining the Mac, and learning how to use the Mac are merged into the same user experience. That is amazingly innovative and obvious (in hindsight), at the same time. Apple should applauded for its vision and perseverance. The people who predicted Apple was moving to focus on consumer electronics and away from computers could not have been more wrong. It’s “Apple Computer, Inc.” forever…

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