Energizer’s affordable Energi To Go provides portable power for Apple iPod

Energizer’s “Energi To Go” Portable Power for iPod is a battery-powered (it comes with two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries) charger that provides extended play time to a variety of iPod models. It’s a great device to have on a plane, hiking, camping, or anywhere you’ll find yourself without a power outlet for an extended period.

We’ve been testing the compact charger (3.5″ long x 1.25″ wide x .75″ deep) for the past few days and find it’s lightweight (under 2 ounces), travels easily, and delivers at least the Energizer’s stated battery run times:

iPod 80G: 32+ hours of audio, 12 hours of video
iPod 30G: 40+ hours of audio, 11 hours of video
iPod nano: 46+ hours of audio, (video not tested)

If you need even more time, just bring along extra AA batteries.

It charges iPhone and iPod touch, too, but we haven’t yet fully tested battery times for those two devices.

The device is easy to use:
1. Insert two AA batteries
2. Flip down the locking dock (use a coin to slide the dock connector into position to fit your iPod model)
3. Dock your iPod and it’ll start charging

We found that the number of charges varies depending upon the age of your iPod and battery. Two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries provide approximately 3 charges for an iPod nano and 2 charges for an iPod classic.

The MSRP for Energizer’s Energi To Go iPod Portable Power Source is US$29.99 which includes the charger and two Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries.

More info here.


  1. “Can’t wait for Zune Tang to ask if this device will work with his Zune”

    The connector is designed specifically for the iPod. Maybe someone could do a hack to make it work for the Zune. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time figuring it out.

    This will go great with my 5.5 iPod on my next flight! More power!!

    MW: “given” – it’s a given that iPods are everywhere.

  2. It would be nice if it was designed so that you could use rechargeable batteries and it had its own power plug built in. It may be a bit bigger but not too much.

    I may buy one and see what it would take to hack it. Nice idea – just would like ot see less throw away crap. But Energizer is in the business to sell more batteries and they are just tapping into another market niche.

  3. Zunes and Ballmer (and by extension Zune Tang and supporters like Thurrott et al) contribute greatly to global warming. Where’s the laws limiting the trash they spew into the atmosphere? Work on it, Al Gore.

  4. “Work on it, Al Gore”

    He is busy flying his environmentally safe airplane to get to his environmentally safe SUV which will take him to another Nobel Award dinner where they will fly in exotic foods (on other environmentally safe planes) from around the world.

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