Orange sells 30,000 Apple iPhones in France in first 5 days

Just 5 days after the full commercial launch, France Telecom’s Orange has announced that they’ve already sold 30,000 Apple iPhones which debuted at 6:30pm on November 29th in France.

France Telecom reports that:
• 48% of iPhone sales led to a new Orange line subscription
• 80% of customers signed up for a dedicated “Orange for iPhone” plan at the same time

In addition to the 30,000 sales, the enthusiasm shown for the dedicated “Orange for iPhone” plans demonstrates the appeal of the offer, says France Telecom. As well as Internet services, customers have unlimited e-mail and Visual Voicemail, WiFi access, and a range of talk time and SMS tariffs designed for various needs.

“This is a very good score, especially as one in two iPhone purchases is accompanied by a new Orange line subscription”, said Louis-Pierre Wenes, Executive Director in charge of France operations, in the press release. “This confirms that the iPhone will make an active contribution to the acquisition of new customers”, he added.

Source: France Telecom
[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki'” for the heads up.]


  1. And, if Vivendi and Vodafone would have had any imagination between them, their SFR subsidiary could have been protected from this.

    Of course, that might have taken some intelligent pragmatism: Vivendi might have had to tell Doug Morris at UMG to get back in his box. And Vodafone might have had to confront the awful prospect of giving a cellphone manufacturer an ongoing commission.

    But at least they’d still have all those subscribers generating a monthly income.

    Oh well, I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

  2. Hey! Apples from America
    The French Orange
    Sour grapes from Germany…
    Makes me want to grab a banana and whip up a fruit salad!
    Hmmm, we’ll need some cool whips,er, Cool Whip, and a spoon
    And maybe an Egyptian date……

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