Apple’s iWork grabs 16-percent of Mac office productivity application sales

“According to NPD Group, Apple’s efforts with iWork have paid off. The revamped suite has captured 16 percent of the office productivity application sales on the Mac, with Microsoft’s Office taking the rest. While that figure is ‘a success for Apple,’ NPD says, the market-research firm doesn’t feel that number is sustainable once Office 2008 arrives on the Mac,” Jim Dalrymple reports for Macworld.

MacDailyNews Take: The article really doesn’t say how Microsoft is going to recover those Mac users they’ve lost to iWork. 16-percent of office productivity sales is quite impressive; even more so when you factor in that iWork costs US$79 vs. Office’s double or higher retail price).

“‘Office 2008 is going to be a successful product and its going to take the air out of iWork’s tires,’ said Swenson,” Dalrymple reports.

MacDailyNews Take: We know many, including ourselves who dumped PowerPoint for Keynote years ago, Word for Pages last year, and Excel for Numbers this year. We’re not going to run out to buy Office now that we’ve finally been liberated.

When Apple released the updated iWork ’08 “back in August, executives said the goal was to create applications that offered a Mac-like approach to tasks such as word-processing and spreadsheets. ‘[Some people] want to enjoy the way they work, they want their work product to look great, and [they want to be] fundamentally integrated into iLife,’ Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of applications product marketing told Macworld in August,” Dalrymple reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Many Mac users — the majority, we believe — think they need Office, but really don’t. Give Apple’s free 30-day iWork ’08 trial a try and see for yourself.


  1. Micro Me,

    Your argument is illogical. MDN only underestimates their readership if they think most every Mac user on the planet reads them.

    Clearly, MDN is talking about a different sort of Mac user than the hardcore users who read MDN.

  2. iWork ’08 is pretty nice.

    Pages is finally usable. Older versions were dog-slow.
    Numbers is pretty nice. being able to setup a spreadsheet the way I want it, and print it the way I want it, is a joy, compared to the misery of dicking around with print previews and the like in Excel.

    I don’t use Keynote. I’ve never even launched it!

    The interface of pages and numbers still need some work.
    Formatting tables in Pages is tedious. placing and maneuvering graphics is not a seamless as it should be.

    The one HUGE negative, is that Pages CANNOT import AppleWorks files if they have imported graphics and/or spreadsheet objects in them. This is DREADFUL, since nearly EVERY AppleWorks file I’ve created for my business over the past 12 + years (since ClarisWorks 3) has BOTH!
    FIX IT, Apple!

    Now all we need is FileMaker Lite. Bento, at this stage, is pretty bad.

    Eventually Apple will get it right.

  3. Your point is taken Mr Spock, but many readers on this site would nevertheless agree with me.

    Although MS Office for Mac isn’t nearly as bad as some make out, on balance I’d prefer to use iWork.

    However, my preference is irrelevant. If I want to remain a hold-out Mac user in my PC workplace, I need Office.

  4. Although I like and use the iWork applications, I will also be buying Office 2008 — but not for the usual compatibility reasons. It comes down to one thing: Entourage. The combination of Mail/iCal/Address Book is nowhere near as useful or as convenient to use as Entourage. And since Entourage syncs with the Apple applications, my iPhone stays up-to-date. If somebody would sell a program with Entourage’s functionality, and an interface like the iWork apps, I would buy it in a second, and walk away from MS Office forever.

  5. The biggest issue I have is teaching my wife how to “save as” Word and Excel docs. She is constantly befuddled on how to send docs to her work and school! This is a Microsoft world. Why oh why can’t they make a nice big “Save as MS Word” file menu option or menu bar button?

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