Fastforward releases Meander 2.0 route planning software for Mac OS X

Fastforward Software today released Meander 2.0, a major update to the route planning application for Mac OS X. The update introduces a web export feature, enabling users to easily blog their journeys. Multiple lines can be created on the same map, and the update also updates the user interface for Mac OS X Leopard.

Meander lets users plot points, plan routes and measure distances using any map, including maps you’ve scanned into your computer or those you’ve found on Google Maps or other websites. You can save your routes for later, keep a journal and export or print your routes to share with your family and friends.

What’s New in Meander 2.0:
• Multiple lines can be created on the same map.
• Routes can be exported for the web.
• The area bounded by a route is calculated in the chosen units. It is displayed in the Measurements window
• Line properties (colours and thickness) are no longer application-wide preferences, but are saved with the route file. Therefore when multiple routes are shown, each can be a different style.
• Each line has its own Measurements window accessed via context menu, toolbar button or View menu.
• Acetate window has ‘unified title/toolbar’ look
• Progress bars used during lengthy operations – saving or optimising large image files.
• Inspector windows now float on top
• Fixes bug preventing images, circles and other objects from being deleted properly.
• NB When a route is exported for web, the journal will only be included if you are using 10.4 or higher.

Meander is available online for US$19.95, and is available in English and French for Mac OS X 10.3 or later, including Mac OS X Leopard compatibility.

More info here.


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