AT&T announces intent to acquire full ownership of Edge Wireless

AT&T Inc. has announced that the company, through an affiliate, has entered into a definitive agreement with Edge Wireless Holding Company to acquire full ownership in Edge Wireless, a regional wireless company with approximately 172,000 subscribers that operates in several markets in the Pacific Northwest.

Under the terms of the agreement, AT&T, which has held a minority ownership interest since Edge Wireless’ inception in 2000, will acquire the remaining 64.3% of the company.

The addition of Edge Wireless’ GSM network will complement AT&T’s existing GSM networks in Northern California, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming. AT&T customers will enjoy broader in-network coverage in these areas, and Edge Wireless customers will gain access to AT&T’s full portfolio of products and services as well as AT&T’s fully integrated GSM network, which now covers more than 290 million people in 13,000 U.S. cities and towns.

The transaction is contingent upon regulatory approval and is expected to close by mid-2008.


  1. I’ve honed my skill at dry, Pythonesque humor to a fine point.

    However, I will refrain from some of the more risque or edgy humor lest I cut the thin skin of some of our more uptight readers.

  2. “Tremor, you have quite the rapier wit “

    My father always told me I was sharp as a tack…

    I know I may be aproaching the edge with these jokes, but I just can’t help myself. But perhaps it is time we cut to the heart of the subject at hand, and sever ourselves from these painful puns.

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