Beleaguered Motorola’s CEO Zander out; ‘plans to spend more time with his family’

“Mobile phone maker Motorola Inc said Friday that Chief Executive Ed Zander will step down on Jan. 1 and be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Greg Brown,” Ritsuko Ando and Jim Finkle report for Reuters.

“Zander, who said he plans to spend more time with his family, will continue to serve as chairman until an annual meeting of stockholders in May 2008,” Ando and Finkle report.

Full article here.

The Associated Press reports, “Last month, Motorola reported a 94 percent drop in third-quarter profit… The cell-phone unit, Motorola’s biggest, saw quarterly sales plunge 36 percent to $4.5 billion and recorded an operating loss of $138 million. That was nearly $1 billion worse than a year ago but only about half the $264 million loss of the second quarter.”

Full article here.

Motorola’s press release, in which Zander states, “This is the right time for me to move on to the next phase in my life and spend more time with my family,” is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “MrKruser” and “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

“Spend more time with my family.” Classic.

Motorola Chairman and CEO Ed Zander says his company is ready for competition from Apple’s iPhone, due out next month. “How do you deal with that?” Zander was asked at the Software 2007 conference Wednesday in Santa Clara, Calif. Zander quickly retorted, “How do they deal with us?”IDG News Service, May 10, 2007


  1. Verizon should be next. Look at the Voyage and from a distance its a complete knock off the look of the iPhone home screen. You gotta love how they advertise it as Touch Screen simply to fool buyers. Touch screen yeah right… I’d love to see them do a commercial the same way Apple does and still call it a touch screen.

  2. Lots of CEO’s are “retiring”, it has to do with the upcoming recession brought on by the downturn in the credit/housing market.

    Time for new blood and ambition.

    Did you know the success of a civilization/country has to do with the males having exactly the right level of testosterone?

    Too much and they are violent, unlikely to remain stable enough to build up a country.

    Too little and they are too passive to take challenges and make the changes necessary to insure success.

    Strange but true.

  3. careful, guys
    Mr Zander could also have some nasty health matter, so tread carefully. Remember Chairman Steve’s pancreatic cancer.
    Anyhoo, things look good for Apple’s business plan for phones.

  4. Careful, geoman. Political corruption is not limited to any one party. Start that kind of crap here and a very, very long list of Democrat malfeasance will come flaming at you. Let’s keep this about technology, not politics, OK?

  5. Randian,

    No disrespect, but a) I don’t ever recall anyone appointing you as a moderator and b) it’s interesting that – now the Republicans are having a pretty tough time walking and chewing gum simultaneously – that the right wing-nuts want to stop Democrats and independents from using MDN to poke a little fun at the right.

    I believe this is what’s known as “turnabout is fair play” or “karmic payback”; four years ago – at the start of the last Presidential election cycle – you couldn’t move on this site without encountering a thread that had been hijacked by Bushbots. Even worse, there was a lot of quite intimidating verbal bullying with Democrat/left-leaning contributors being called “fags”, “hippies”, “terrorist-lovers” and much, much more.

    I’m sure if you post a flame regarding Democrat malfeasance that someone around here (perhaps even me) may have a list that is even more embarrassing for Republicans, so lighten up; I’m sure you’re right that Democrats have used the same excuse in the past, but – at the moment – the right-wing is in the West Wing so the focus will obviously be on their actions.

  6. Yes, let’s not get into political mudslinging. Sadly enough, corruption is no respecter of position nor party. To believe otherwise is an ignorant and unsupportable position that incriminates only the fool who dares utter such.

    Goodbye Moto. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Motorolla is a company whose assets have long been squandered by it CEO and board. Its been one of those companies that started off with the integrity needed to produce the technology people wanted, but it attracted too many corporate sharks whose one and only concern was to milk the company for profits at the expense of all else.

    The same thing was happening to Apple after Steve left the first time. We saw how quickly the “suits” drove a thriving company into the ground. Steve came back and to prove his integrity, accepted an annual salary of $1. How many American CEO are willing to do that?

    The irony is that the “boys club” doesn’t see or is incapable of understanding that a company is built on principles and if your principle is to squeeze out as much money as you can and then move on to the next corporation, your business will die.

    As in Dell. Michael, sell the company and give the profits back to the shareholders.

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