Sydney Morning Herald: iMovie ‘08 users wanting more should move up to Apple’s Final Cut Express 4

“Back in August when Apple released iLife ’08 some of the more sensitive users of iMovie said they considered it had been, if not emasculated, then certainly given some serious cuts in sensitive areas,” Garry Barker reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“At the time we suggested that iMovie ’08, which was bundled with the Intel-based Macintosh computers, was intended to give the great mass of consumers… the chance to make halfway-decent home movies without going crazy,” Barker reports. “We also speculated that [users] who found the software too automated and limited would soon have an upgraded version of Final Cut Express on which to hone their home Hollywood ambitions. And so they have.”

“Apple released Final Cut Express 4 last week [US$$199],” Barker reports. “Professional studios working with DV equipment, time-short TV reporters and what you might call semi-professionals and high-end video hobbyists all find Express a good tool that gives them plenty of editing power at a consumer-level price.”

Barker reports, “All up, [Final Cut Express 4 offers] a great deal of editing power, plenty of flexibility and a lot of fun for a modest outlay.”

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  1. I’ve been forcing myself to use iMovie ’08 for the last week and I’m seriously frustrated with it. I use to teach iMovie workshops in the Apple stores, so I’d say its safe to say I know a little about it. I can’t even put a clip in slow motion anymore. Here are a couple clips I have made in the last couple days:

    The only thing I’d say its good for is quick editing for a rough draft of sorts. It does have a lot of great sound effects the old versions never had. But I wont be winning any awards using it, that’s for sure.

  2. Apple is the only company I know of that offers a paid upgrade for removed features then has the audacity to ask the same people to fork up another $199 to get them back in another type of software.

    What’s next? iTunes 8 removes cd burning to include them in Logic Pro Lite for $299?

    A lot of fanboy bubbles were burst by this greedy move.

  3. I’ve used both extensively now, and I’m in agreement with Nick Holla. The current version of iMovie ’08 is lacking. I use FCP Studio for the really detailed stuff, but it was definitly a downgrade in features.

  4. Why the moans?

    iM 08 (free) — Great for quickies and newbies.
    iM 06 HD (free) — Great legacy software and can import awkward formats from iM 08.
    FCE4 (affordable for most) — A step up for serious semi-pros that also works nicely with iM 06 and iM 08.

    Nice! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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