Verizon Wireless to open up U.S. network starting at the end of 2008

“I’ve claimed previously that Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phone software were going to transform the mobile phone industry here in the US. Well, today, we got some clear evidence of that effect: Verizon Wireless, the number two wireless vendor in the US, has announced that it will open its network to phones and software not sold by Verizon by the end of 2008,” Carl Howe writes for Blackfriars’ Marketing.

“Don’t expect Apple’s iPhone to end up on Verizon’s network in 2009. Apple’s exclusive carrier deal with AT&T for the iPhone doesn’t expire until summer of 2012. But at the same time, that deal doesn’t prevent Apple from introducing a Verizon EVDO-powered tablet, either,” Howe writes.

Full article here.

Verizon Wireless’ press release here.


  1. …has announced that it will open its network to phones and software not sold by Verizon by the end of 2008…

    Well well well, by Apple creating such a hot phone and exclusive deals with only AT&T;, has caused the opposite effect of starting to open up phones like they should be in the first place.

    But of course this is a act of desperation by the losing/minority side. Just like Windows can be run on Mac’s now. *ducks* ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I think Verizon is fearing Google’s entry into the wireless world more than they fear Apple. With the auctioning of the 700mhz spectrum next Spring, Google could completely revolutionize the wireless space by making it completely open to competition unlike how it currently is controlled by a handful of companies.

    Think back to the mid to late 90’s when all we had was dial-up for Internet access. Remember how many ISP’s you had to choose from? That was competition. Google wants wireless to be the same way.

  3. I’m sure there are many reasons for Verizon to do this. Clearly it’s what consumes have been demanding for some time now. It puts them at the forefront of the cellular industry and instantly creates an incalculable number of competitors for the iPhone, as if the iPhone had any relation to this story.

    One way or another, this is quite possibly the most important piece of technology/communications news to come out in 2007.

    Cheers Verizon

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