France Telecom’s Orange expects to sell nearly 100,000 Apple iPhones by year-end

“France Telecom’s Orange expects to sell nearly 100,000 Apple Inc. iPhones by the end of 2007, the French phone company’s chief executive told Europe 1 radio in an interview on Tuesday,” Dominique Vidalon reports for Reuters. “‘The target is a little under 100,000 sold by the end of the year,’ Didier Lombard said.”

Vidalon reports, “Lombard also said Orange would offer the unlocked iPhone in France at a price ‘significantly lower’ than the 999 euros ($1,485) proposed by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile in Germany… The starting price of the iPhone with a contract will be 399 euros, he said.”

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  1. @Gavron:

    Not exactly. Standard of living and real buying power in the US are the envy of the world. Including Europe (speaking specifically of France, Switzerland and Germany, here).

    The middle class in Europe is on a much lower level. I live with that reality every day. Really looking forward to moving back to the States for precisely this reason.

    As for the “really poor” in the US – I’ll just mention that there are reasons for poverty – but they’re not in the political realm, and there is no shortage of jobs in the US for people capable of working. This is NOT true in W. Europe.

    The poor in France are fed and housed by the state, for the most part – something the US does not do to nearly the same extent. While this is an interesting idea, the consequences are not obvious from the outset, and are not inconsiderable.

  2. Define poor? In the USA our poor people have not only section 8 housing, (best tenants, guaranteed check by the Gov.) Paid for or reduced electricity, water, heating, food stamps, lots of other government entitlement giveaways.

    I know people that I grew up with that were taught by their parents how to rape the system for all it is worth. And of course they are not working, some draw social security for being declared disabled. Yet nothing is really wrong with them other than laziness or the belife that a free ride on my taxpaying back is owed to them for being alive.

    They have cable TV, on thier big screen TV’s cars, computers, phones, cell phones, free healthcare, and dental work for free cause all the meth they smoke. I’m seeing this done right now by people I know.

    Of course who pay’s for this????? The ones who get our asses up every day and go to fucking work! That is who.

    Does anyone in this country look like they are going hungry? Gee the last I heard we are up to 60% obese.

    Thank God that we haven’t passed amnesty or this country would be a cess pool more than it already is.

    So yes, elect Hibillary Rotten Clinton so we can give them everything else. And give more of our paycheck to her.

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