France Telecom’s Orange expects to sell nearly 100,000 Apple iPhones by year-end

“France Telecom’s Orange expects to sell nearly 100,000 Apple Inc. iPhones by the end of 2007, the French phone company’s chief executive told Europe 1 radio in an interview on Tuesday,” Dominique Vidalon reports for Reuters. “‘The target is a little under 100,000 sold by the end of the year,’ Didier Lombard said.”

Vidalon reports, “Lombard also said Orange would offer the unlocked iPhone in France at a price ‘significantly lower’ than the 999 euros ($1,485) proposed by Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile in Germany… The starting price of the iPhone with a contract will be 399 euros, he said.”

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  1. “why bother” you are right. why they dont go especially to east europe is beyond me. 250 million people in poland, bulgaria, ukraine, russia who are used to pay high prices for mobiles and happily do so. much better markets then the price-sensitiv west-european countries where people are used to heavy subsidized phones and hardly willig to pay for a phone upfront.

  2. Gavin wrote…

    “There are not as many really poor people in Europe as in the U.S.”

    Sad but so very true! When you think about it it a damming fact hanging over the country today!

    People should carry that little factoid with them when next they go to vote…

  3. Apple will eventually sell iPhones everywhere. However just with iTMS, they have to have deals with partners in each country.

    Whatever you think iTS is more profitable because it operates in multiple countries. Likewise selling more iPhones will increase the product’s profitability.

  4. duh, thats not true. a lot of people in these countries buy expensive phones. for instance in the ukraine (50 million people live there) more than 5 million phones for a price over 400 dollars were sold in 2006. the same is true for most of the other east-european countries. to think that these countries are poor is a thing of the past.

    magic word “often” as in:
    often the world changes faster than you think.

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