Orange reveals iPhone rate plans for France starting at 49 euros per month

“A little more than a week before the official release of the iPhone in France, the French, Mac-centric site, MacGeneration followed by the iPhone-centric FrenchiPhone provide the details of Orange’s subscription plans destined to iPhone customers,” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

The plans will be the following :

49€/mo Plan:
– 2 hours + 2 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 50 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and data

59€/mo Plan:
– 3 hours + 3 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 100 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

79€/mo Plan:
– 5 hours + 5 (late evening or week-end) hours of voice calls:
– 150 SMS
– 10 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

119€/mo Plan:
– 8 hours + 8 hours of voice calls:
– 1000 SMS
– 100 hours of Orange Wifi
– Unlimited VoiceMail, E-Mail and EDGE data

More details in the full article here.


  1. Reality Check: About the only valid comparison between the US and European plans for the iPhone is that they are vastly overpriced compared with the competition. You pay a huge premium in order to touch your screen with your greasy fingers and gloat over the fact that you’re cooler than your friends who got their phones for free…

    At least in Germany the plans are in fact competitive, especially due to the unlimited data volume which is more expensive otherwise. “Overpriced” is easier said than proved.

    As to the $/€ ratio, it does affect prices in at least one segment: Energy (oil/gas).

  2. Reality Check: I “proved” that the iPhone plan in France is about twice the price of the same service for a regular mobile with Orange in the Netherlands.

    That’s all good and well, but when the question is whether the iPhone plans are overpriced or not, the benchmark would be a similar plan for other phones in the same country. And at least in Germany, there is apparently no real “iPhone premium”.

    Other phones are just not generally offered with unlimited data plans.

    Reality Check: Not sure what the point about energy prices is?

    The point is that nominally unchanged earnings in either currency do not necessarily mean that they’re completely isolated from the currency rates.

  3. It’s not a useless comparison. The point being made is that for the same amount of money (dollars, euros, dead leaves, whatever) the amount of airtime on AT&T;is much, much more than with Orange.

    See BC’s comment, about five from the top; we in the US pay the equivalent of about 40 euros for what is closest to Orange’s 119 euro plan. To put it another way; to get the same airtime on Orange, I would have to pay 3x what I pay now.

    It’s not about euros vs dollars, it’s about value of service for tendered currency.

  4. The Middlebronfeman owns part of Orange or all of it?, This is his way of getting back at Apple inc. for cutting him out of iTunes for demanding customers be milked for more cash!!

    He took Orange from a market leader in the UK to a bit player, even 3 which is the new kid on the block has surpassed Orange in subscriber numbers.

    NOTE TO ALL:- Beware the ides of the Bronfeman!!!

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